Friday, January 15, 2016

fabulous friday // long story.

This is probably one of the most oft-used quotes around our house. Right along with, "you keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means." ...Just thought I'd share that with you. It's always a good idea to know where someone stands... especially as far as princess bride goes.

So now you know.

I hope your life is richer for it.

But today, I wanted to tell you a little story. My story. Well, the story of my many cameras. I've had three. Two point-and-shoots and one DSLR (so far.)

I've always been pretty interested in cameras, but from a distance. My oldest sister had a snazzy camera (I thought. I had a long way to go.), and my dad had a nice black one that I thought was fabulous, and we had a video camera (which I loved and still do), and after a few years my younger sister got one of those kid cameras. Now, this will sound silly, but I was rather jealous of her camera. The pictures were (still are) horrible. I mean, photoshop was useless with these, but I was slightly annoyed that she got a camera when I had wanted one for years. But the wait was worth it. It really was.

So, Christmas time rolled around (2010) and three days before christmas (also, my birthday,) behold! A pink point-and-shoot. I was thrilled.

(Also, my photos at this point were very horrible. I won't go into details on that. Just trust me.)

So basically I carried it around with me everywhere I went and I pained a lot of people, I'm sure. With my weirdly distorted photos, crazy red-eye and everything in between, it was not cool. But for some reason my parents thought there was something promising in me. So, when I broke that camera (about a year or so later), they bought me another one. Also pink. Also Point-and-shoot. Also Sony.

...and I liked that one, too. And slowly but surely I learned little bits about photography. Not so much about aperture and shutter speed, but more the artistic level of photography. What I learned was to use what I had & to make the best of it. Little did I know that I even wanted a better camera. In my mind, I remember feeling like the only thing I really needed was a smaller depth of field (in so many words. At the time, I didn't know what depth of field was.), but that everything else was pretty doable with my point-and-shoot (that thought came from ignorance. bliss, right?)

So then, in May of 2013, my dad got me my first DSLR - Nikon d3100. Came with two kit lenses - Nikor 18-55 mm f/3.5 & Nikor 55-200 mm f/3.5 (which I really liked!).

and with it, for obvious reasons, came better photos. I still was at a pretty low level of talent, but I had the want and the skill would follow.

So after toying with the idea of doing project 365 (Thanks, Courtney!) and receiving a kit lens (the nikor 50 mm f/1.8,) I decided now was better than never and I took off full speed ahead in November of 2013.

I'd attempted project 365 a number of times before, always falling short by the end of the month, but this time I was determined. and I did it. minus three days, I did it!

My advice is this: GET A SUPPORT GROUP!! That person can be a parent, or just a friend who will check up on you every now and then to ask how your doing, or even (this is where I come in!) a blog! ANYTHING that will keep you clicking. But do it.

So, from November 2013 - November 2014... I clicked away to the next step of photography.

and in a way, that's where it leaves me. Except for this blog. How did it start? Well, that's another story, but long story short: When I decided to try project 52, I wanted to stay on top of editing so I took a crazy leap and started a (I've lost count... ?) fifth blog and it's blossomed from there. and now I'm on my second year of blogging and my second round of project 365 (I give myself slack on the weekends, though.)

and now you know everything there is to know. Leave me your story to read in the comments - or, even better, direct me to your blog where I can read your story!


  1. my story is so much like yours!

    when i was twelve my dad bought a "fancy" camera, a fujifilm s5something. i used to sneak it out and take pictures and then just leave them on there. when he eventually noticed there were photos he didn't recognise and asked me about it, i denied it thinking i was in trouble. but no, instead of telling me off, he bought me my own point and shoot! he said i had an "eye for it" and that my composition was very artistic and not "the norm" - he liked that i noticed things others would ignore.

    after about four point and shoots, which were pretty awful but at the time i thought they were GREAT, i got a bridge camera - the upgrade of his actually, fujifilm s5700 and i only just sold that a couple of years ago.

    i got my dslr (sony a500) with the 18-55 mm kit lens for my eighteenth birthday and bought myself my 50mm lens after Elliot was born (because i wanted those super close up squishy newborn shots!)

    so that's where i am now, complete amateur with an eye for interesting angles and special moments. seriously need to read some proper photography books and teach myself the techy stuff. i was hoping to start a course this september but couldn't secure the funding. apparently have to wait til i'm twenty-five, boo. practicing in the meantime though! hence, 365!!

    thanks for sharing your story, it's always fun to learn where people started from! :)

    1. how fun is that?? I totally feel you on the sneaking it out - that was so me with my dad's camera! I wanted to shoot, but I didn't totally want anyone to know! That's so great that he saw something in you and how encouraging!!

      btw, I'm loving your project 365 pics and it's so encouraging to see them each week!! Keeps me accountable haha! Hope you're having a cozy winter! <3 hugs, lottie

  2. hey, i didn't realise you'd written back, sorry! oh yes exactly! i didn't really know what i was doing and so i was convinced my photos would be terrible, so i didn't want anyone to know about them haha. my dad has always been and still is my biggest fan :) he's always encouraging me and always takes the time to look at my photos and give me feedback, which is always objective and i love it! he isn't afraid to say if something isn't quite as good :)

    how funny, that's exactly what my mum said when i told her about you! i wouldn't be doing 365 if i hadn't read your blog so i've got you to thank for how good it's making me feel! <3 our winter is just starting now!! over christmas it was pretty mild but now it's freezing and icy, we haven't had any more snow since my post the other day though :( hugs back, robyn