Tuesday, January 12, 2016

week one : so far, so good.

guys, I finished my first week of project 365 (except only 261) and can you guess what a good job I did? Such a good job. I took multiple photos on every single day (is that cheating??) and I left feeling so excited to finish -- which is a whole new feeling for me during these dreary winter months! I even came away feeling like maybe winter wasn't so bad after all...

haha, who am I even kidding? It's totally that bad.

Monday // headed over to Louisville's walking bridge with a friend of ours - new experience for me and it's totally awesome. The bridge is all lit up at night and they play classic music toward the middle of the bridge and it's wonderful. Well, except for it being bitter cold. bonus about that was that we saw (by conservative estimation) 5 other people on the whole bridge. so, we'll look on the bright side.

Tuesday // When I look back at a lot of my pictures I have to think, how much would this speak to someone else? and honestly, I think a lot of my pictures are extremely personal. When I see this picture, I understand that she's going in very quietly to my dad's office because he's working. I'm reminded of another sister and how she loves to put Tib's hair up in braids... I notice the letter stuck in between the stair slats waiting to be mailed... and I'm reminded of our every-day. But they're about & for me. and my family. They don't mean anything to anyone else. and you know what? that's okay. In fact, it's the way it should be. I'm shooting for me. Not the internet.

Wednesday // Have I ever mentioned how much my siblings love lego sets/friends? Proof. (also the braids are starting to slip out.)

Thursday // "Helping" in the kitchen. (new braids!)

Friday // look, it's me, in the coffee pot.


  1. such fantastic photographs!! well done on completing the first week! i also took multiple photos each day but only shared one, hmm, maybe i should share any and all that i love rather than forcing myself to choose between them! tuesday and thursday are my favourites. especially what you said about tuesday because i think about that all the time! i'm always wondering what other people see in my photographs. what are memories and moments captured for me are just pictures to other people. lucky my blog is for me because i enjoy it and not an exhibition lol! :)

    1. ah, you hit the nail on the head!! ♥ thursday's has got to be my favorite from the whole week. it's so perfectly them. and us. and everything in between haha.