Friday, January 22, 2016

fabulous friday // thank you

wow. coming off such a crazy week. the important thing is that I finished my decade paper on the fifties and it's probably my best ones yet. (It was really genius, I had a lot of subtle references in there like, "Thank you, and, good night." from the twilight zones. I think the fifties were my spirit decade.) and you want to know a fact (that's actually opinion)? The fifties were a real rad decade and I really really enjoyed reading about it.

Anyway, between battling headaches and colds (ugh those runny noses!) and the freezing weather and scary roads and birthday present shopping for my little sister oh and a science test -- it's been an overwhelming week. I'm just glad it's done. Let's all do praise hands and take a nice warm bath with a hot cup of tea. like chai. my sister made chai so I'm really excited.

Also we spend four hours today - four - making apple fritters and they were fantastic even though we had to juice our own apples that we picked back in october because we didn't have any apple juice. daaang.

Anyway, I hadn't had any time today to write a post, but guys, thanks for tagging along with me. I have appreciated every single comment I have ever gotten on here. You guys are the best!! (I'm looking at you, robyn! ;))


  1. i love the idea of studying a particular decade!! i'm going to be homeschooling the boys so every idea i get goes into my inspiration bank in my mind :) this would be such a fun and beneficial subject to do with them eventually! thanks for sharing. hearing that you are passionate about learning is a real motivator.

    i hope you are feeling better. i now have the headache and sore throat that comes at the beginning of a horrible cold, and i've not long gotten over laryngitis! winter fails, i hate being ill.

    hey, i love reading your thoughts on everything, however short or long your posts may be :) keep doing what you're doing, it's great! i've loved following along! xx

    1. I had no idea you were planning on homeschooling them - how exciting!! I hope you love it! I know it's definitely been a blast for me.

      How terrible! I hope you feel better soon. Illness is such always such a bummer.

    2. yep, ever since i realised school (in the physical sense of the word) is basically prison for your mind and soul. it almost took everything i was and for that i regret ever going back (i was homeschooled for a while before that). so, homeschool it is. and Elliot went to nursery for a while and we quickly noticed changes in him that made us sad, so we pulled him out. but he's never been to pre-school or anything. "nursery" here is like daycare, it was just for while i was at work until i quit my job to be at home with him. this was all before Isaac came along!