Friday, January 30, 2015

Fabulous Fridays : Get Out Of That Winter Rut!

Seriously, I keep gazing wistfully at pinterest photos and wishing it were summer. Or at least spring. I'm just hating this dark by 5 o'clock thing. do you realize how hard natural light is to find in winter? Do you know how many headaches I get from the glare of all this fake lighting going on (shut up, I'm not getting off the computer just yet)? And honestly, it really doesn't matter how much I get done I almost always feel like the day has been wasted when it gets dark. Dark signifies the end of the day to me, even when I still have hours and hours left! I get get a ton done, but as soon as dark hits, I forget that I've done anything productive and feel like it's been a wasted day. So, I'm going to try to cheer myself up. Join me for the ride! (and please tell me your tips in the comments below!!)

First, a picture break, to get this jazz rolling:
Now, for my technique.
  • Do something after it gets dark
For me, this usually means making something. Some sort of craft. A gift for someone, or a poster for my wall, or whatever. But something creative, so I don't feel like it's a useless day.
  • Look back on your day (make it a good one!)
I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason that YOU decide if it's a good day or not. So look back on your day and think positively! It doesn't have to be a bad day. Make it a good one!
  • Limit computer and reading time
I know, I know, most people don't limit reading time, but for me, reading is for pleasure. So even if I'm reading history when it gets dark, I still feel like I've been lying around all day (usually I don't have history until five, so if I do I probably HAVE been lying around all day, but still...Make it a good day!) When I'm on the computer when it gets dark then I feel like I've been wasting my time on the computer (even if I've been productive, even if I've only been on for five minutes). Set a timer and stick to it!
  • Do something active right before it gets dark
Usually for me this means taking a walk. But getting outside is the key. Then, when you come inside it feels cozy instead of, well, dark.
  • Edit some of those old photos to get you inspired
For me this is big. Whenever I get to editing my photos, I remember so many memories and love looking at all the things we've done and looking forward to all the things we will do. (Not to mention the pictures I'll take!)
  • Do something to make you feel productive. Take that science test (uh huh, in a sec...) Write back to that sweet friend who just wrote you a letter (you know who you are!)
Catch up on some old school work. Write a letter. GET CREATIVE. I feel like all my creativity turns off as soon as it gets dark, but if I follow the tip below, I can go far. (I believe!)
  • Listen to more music
Background music, though. My tendency is to start it playing and add a song here and then a song there, and just sit and stare at the computer until I get bored and go to look for a rhett and link to watch or studio c or shipwrecked...DON'T DO THAT, LOTTIE!!! Start a playlist and then GET OFF. Do something. A craft. Spend some time with people (play a game - unless it's that dreadful game monopoly or bananagrams...) Fun doesn't have to be a waste of time!

and to get rid of your photography rut... 4 Tips To Kick That Winter Rut (yay for click it up a notch!!)

I'm really liking almost abstract photography. This is my younger sister's window, looking up to it from our front porch.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

4/52 (part two) - January 24th : The Great Outdoors!

Winter has been horrible for me as far as photography goes. I have been in a horrible rut. I'm trying to just push through it, but that's really hard, and I keep capturing these almost okay photos and it's making me pretty discouraged. I'm ready for summer. Like, super ready.

Anyway, I think I'd like to join a photography group, or get daily prompts or something. I could really use some inspiration & encouragement. Winter is HARD. 

Please please share with me your tips on getting through winter and still managing to stick with photography!!

(also, I'm switching my post schedule...Now each post will come out at 9:00 AM each day instead of noon.)

Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

4/52 (part one) - January 23rd : As You Wish & Wicked

This was me, last Friday. Reading Cary Elwes's (aka Westley aka The Dread Pirate Roberts aka, my personal favorite, The Man In Black!) book "As You Wish", about producing and filming The Princess Bride. Which is one of my all time favorites. Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...There's no "getting used to disappointment" here! (Also, Inigo Montoya, for the win!)

And I was also listening to For Good, Dancing Through Life, Popular, Defying Gravity, and For Good, again. Honestly, the first time I heard the Wicked soundtrack (I didn't hear it all at once, I heard a song here and a song there and I still haven't ever heard one or two of the songs...),I didn't like it. I just didn't get into it. It was like, boring. I didn't like get all the feels I got with Phantom (granted, I don't remember the first time I heard Phantom, because I grew up listening to it...My parents went to see it a couple years before I was born and bought the mom would only let us listen to it once a day because we listened to it so much!). But I will say the second time I heard Samantha Barks sing Defying Gravity I was in love. Like, seriously, that song is so beautiful. And now I like all of the music (that I've heard). So, my advice is don't judge things too harshly the first time you are introduced to them. You never know when you might find you actually like something!! 

And now I'll sign off with this quick bit of advice: Never get into a land war in Asia!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fabulous Fridays - Inspiration : Online Sorces


Even the word has a nice ring to it.

We all get it somewhere. Some know where to get it better than others do. Personally, I love inspiration. It's so...inspiring, for lack of a better word.

Where do I go for my inspiration?

Pinterest & Tumblr, for one thing.

A Beautiful Mess (for just general inspiration).

Clover and Dot ('cause I like Kate. She inspires me to DO.)

Click It Up A Notch (photography) and Clickin' Moms (more photography, though of course I'm not a mom...)

Miss Zani - Australian Coolness. It's pretty sweet.

Beloved Bluebird - absolutely adore her. She's fabulous. She makes my heart sing. ♥

What are favorite places and spaces where you get YOUR inspiration?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

3/52 (part two) - January 17th : Fire Department

So our "camping" trip...we visited this fire department with our scout troop & learned first aid and CPR. So if anyone passes out, I'm your girl! ;)

They let us climb around on this old firetruck they had and it was, well, awesome.

That's kinda the whole story. we came, we saw, we conquered.

Or something to that effect. ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3/52 (part one) - January 13th : Branches

So, like, I've started walking around our block (it's a mile. Perfect, right?) with some of my sisters. I took my camera out the first time. haha, won't be doing that again. It's too cold to take pictures, and it just got in the way. Anyway, I'm trying to fulfill my goal of getting outside more (in winter, in specific, because it's so hard to get outside.) So far I'm really enjoying it. The layers of clothing are hard, but totally worth it!!

I also have some super exciting news that I probably shouldn't share til friday, but here it is anyway: I was asked to be an assistant photographer for a wedding. A WEDDING. This is seriously super scary. I've never been paid for any of my work before, and a WEDDING?? Of course I'm only an assistant, but that's still a little frightening to me. My friend said that she was doing a couple shots (a newborn, two seniors and an engagement, I believe) in between now and the wedding (in June), so I'm going with her to those. I've worked with her before and like she said, our styles compliment each other, but it's still scary to me. I haven't said I'll do it. yet.

I'm going to think worry about it some more before I say yes. 

Any tips?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fabulous Fridays - Camping!

(Sorry for the late post, buys! I sheduled it on time, but forgot to hit "publish". Noooooo! and here I was feeling all ahead of the game. ha ha.)

Camping? In January? You might well ask. Well, actually, it's inside. In tents, but inside. It's been like 20 degrees outside, so we'll be staying INside. In a fire department, actually. Which is pretty cool, because I've never been inside a fire department before.

We (my sister & I) are going with our scout troop, along with a leader and her daughter. We're planning on having an awesome time. We get to get CPR lessons and everything. Not exactly what someone might call a vacation, but it'll be cool.
Some of my favorite photos were taken while on camping trips. There's nothing like the great outdoors!! :D 

What are some of your favorite places?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2/52 (part two) - January 10th : Trees.

So my (second oldest) sister got her drivers license Monday, the forth.

And on Saturday we went shopping (she's not a shopper, but she needed stuff, and I am a shopper, so like the nice sister I am I agreed to go along). Like, just us two. I can't tell you how grown up I felt (very grown up). We walked into stores and people didn't ask me where my mom was (they've actually done that for years. Not ask me, that is), and we could like get samples from Costco without them asking if I had parents permission (they haven't done that in years, either, and we didn't go to costco. Stick with me.). But I don't wear makeup, and I'm not that old, and I think of myself as a teenager, but not a Teenager. Like, I don't have a phone, or an iPod, or a laptop. Actually, all I have is a camera, and it's not even like something that fancy. Which is cool with me. Honestly, it is. I am who I am and I like what I like and of course I'm not "normal". Who is? But seriously, I was like, "omgosh I'm like a TEENAGER! They probably think I can drive (hahahaha come on, lemme dream)!!" It was so wonderful. WE TOTALLY HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN, JESS!!

The best worst part was that I didn't pick up my camera except on the way home (my sister was super happy about that). So, here's a tree. It's got a darling little cemetery with less than ten gravestones. I promise I will go there one day and visit those graves. I believe they're from like the early 1900 or something. But maybe that's a dream inside my head.

Anyway, It will always remind me of the grown up feelingness I'm having more and more these days. I'm loving being fifteen!! <3

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2/52 (part one) - January 7th : First snow of the year!!

The snow didn't stay, but while it was around it was so beautiful!! There is nothing like snow. It's so beautiful. I'm really not a cold weather person, but I do love the snow. I had to bundle up like crazy (it was like 20 degrees! Brrr!), and came in so dang cold after only fifteen minutes, but I was fairly happy with the results. (:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fabulous Fridays - What I'm Up To

Friday needs something special. Because Friday is probably my favorite day of the week. Unless Thursday is (partly because of the anticipation of Friday and partly because Thursday is just a good day. It just is. It's relaxed. Like, who ever heard of something excited happening on Thursday? No one. Because it doesn't. Happen, that is.) So here's what I've worked out:

(Disclaimer: I know I'm not going to succeed. But I'm going to TRY. So, stick with me.)

 On Tuesdays & Thursdays I'll post my photos from the previous week (same ol', same ol.) On *Fridays*, however, I will post something special. A DIY project. A funny story. What's up with me. Something interesting. A Video (Prepare to be blasted with Rhett and Link). A Song. (Naturally a picture or two.) Something to get your weekend rolling.

This week I'm starting simple. What am I up to?

Reading: I just finished A Separate Peace (ohmygosh), and I am now reading Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH.

Watching: Arsenic & Old Lace (chaaaaarge!), His Girl Friday, Wait Until Dark.

BONUS Watching: In Earnest. A vlog series on The Importance Of Being Earnest. Even if you haven't read the book, it is seriously super amazeballs and you should like seriously go watch it!

Listening To: The radio, actually. I heard Maroon 5, Train, & Bastille (Oh, where do we begiiiin?) most recently. ;)

Wearing: Anything to keep me warm. Anything. It's rather amusing.

Shopping: Lots of Target, yep.

Pinning: Check it out.

Loving: Since this is so generic and I could pick a million different things to talk about I'll go for bloggers:  A Beautiful Mess, Clover + Dot, Miss Zani, Beloved Bluebird, and naturally, Click It Up A Notch.

 (also, while we're talking about loving... for any kindred spirits who also watch vlogs out there...Mary Kate Wiles is a beautiful work or art, no?)

One more thing: If you haven't checked out my Tumblr feed yet, go give it a go! I'd love to see you around!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1 / 52 (part two) : January 2nd : BananaGrams

I seriously have a love/hate relationship with this game. I hate it, but I keep pulling it out to play one more game. I think I have hope that one day I will win (hahaha). 

What are games you love to play? ...Or *don't* love to play? ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1 / 52 (part one) : December 31st : I got a feelin'...

Happy New Years, everyone!! I love brand new starts. I love setting goals. I love the feeling of clean, new, and fresh, with no mistakes. I personally think we should have a couple new years every year to get our lives back in order. But I don't think that would go over so well with some people. Well, a girl can dream.

This year I wrote down a list of goals. Including: Memorizing a bible verse every two weeks (I would love to be able to do one a week, but I'm starting small), Fill up a page or a journal at least twice a week, drink at least two glasses of water a day (again, starting small), and naturally, pick up my camera at least twice a week! 

What are some dreams you have for 2015?