About Me

  Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm lottie (short for charlotte.) I'm seventeen years old and I live better than I write.

  This is where I post my photography, to keep me on track with editing, because I am a world-class procrastinator. (Read about the name here!) I've tried all different kinds of stuff here and you'll never know what you'll get. I have trouble committing. Feel free to give me hand!

   I'm from Santa Cruz, California, but I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky. I dream of the beach, love bright colors, wear flowy skirts and a lot of converse, browse Pinterest and photography is kinda my thing.

   My photography journey started back in christmas in 2010 (more on that HERE). Since then, it has become a huge part of my life. Thanks to Courtney, I gave Project 365 a try from November 2013 - November 2014 (only missed three days!!) and my photography took a huge turn for the better. I learned Manual, and lots of helpful stuff along the way. I currently shoot with a Nikon D3100, but am saving up for an upgrade (I'm thinking the Nikon d750 - your thoughts?) This year I'm again taking on project 365, so wish me luck & leave me a link where I can find your news, too!

   Leave me a comment -- I'm a sucker for a good friend!! (:


  1. *cough* Ummm when you get done with that Nikon D1300 can I have it? :P

    Nah, just kidding. Love your blog! Phew, it must really be a transition from sunny California to...well, this area haha. I'm a couple states west of Kentucky but I'm still fairly certain that it's a lot different than Cali.

    Your photography is amazing! I wish I could get into practicing more routinely; then maybe I'd improve.

    (I have no idea about upgrading your camera; I actually wanted to ask what you thought the best DSLR for a beginner was :P)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. wow! I just found you through a comment you wrote on this article: http://clickitupanotch.com/2015/12/take-a-picture-a-day/?awt_l=nFZyPU&awt_m=3esOETrYL52RicB

    and - I am so glad I did! I'm a 16yr old aspiring photographer - and HEY~ a Sonlight homeschool fan - by the looks of your books... I think we might be very similar in that aspect...?!
    I have a D5200. Love it, and am also thinking + saving up for a d610 or d750. so funny we both are!
    Head over to my newly published (and unfinished) website www.chriddyannephotography.weebly.com for more about me...
    :) I love beaches and flowy skirts too! :)

    Blessings from TX,

  3. Hey! So I've loved stalking your entire blog, and this about page is fabulous :). By the way, the link for the bible study guide I started is http://thesoulscripts.com/blog/2015/9/3/coffee-talk-how-to-intentionally-read-the-bible. I hope you find it helpful!