Friday, November 6, 2015

fabulous friday // why I blog

This all started as a tag on to my "photography journey" post, but it got too long and I thought, hey, man, this is quickly departing from my original thesis and dude, this could take on a whole 'nother blog post of it's own. So here it is.

Also, I have a special request: Please choose your words very carefully when commenting. Contrary to popular believe, words do hurt. Very much. Please use them with caution. A little can go a long way... But that's another blog post. ;)

First off, I am extremely self-conscious about my photos. I don't know if I will ever get over it, but a lot of times I feel like I edited to much, I didn't pay enough attention to the light, I payed too much attention to the light and not enough to the smile, or pose, or whatever... Mostly I feel like I have kludgy editing techniques. But whatever my insecurity is, it adds up to it being dang hard for me to share my photos. So here I am, somewhat anonymously, sharing my photos with total strangers, because I'm too shy to share them with my family.

Part of that is the response, too. My family thinks my work is lovely. But they're my family. I find myself often excusing their kind (and well-meant) words with a, "They don't have enough exposure to the world of photography," (pun definitely intended.) "And besides, my family is naturally happy with everything I do... Not to mention they have similar style, so..."

Maybe I'm a negative person. I honestly don't feel like one, but it's possible. I do remember the first (and one of the only - I don't eves drop) times I heard one of my sisters bragging on me and I just about cried. I was like, you -- me -- think -- whaattt? d'awww. *wipes tear

Mostly, though, I'm just shy and the possibility of someone not liking it, or liking it and putting me in the (heaven forbid) awkward position of having to receive a compliment - yikes! - kills me.

So I started a blog. Mostly to help me keep on top of my editing, but other things that went hand-and-hand with it: My writing skills can always use improvement, my photos slipped when no one was watching, and I had questions, like; how would people take my work? Was it possible that *gasp* I had something to share with the world? 

I had no plan when I started... Other than to post my photos and stay on top of editing, but after the first three posts, I wanted something more... So I created fabulous friday where I could share a little more each week, without overwhelming myself or running out of content (which I have genuinely been afraid of!)

I've found a pretty good balance, I think. I'm not on all the social media platforms (twitter, anyone?) I'd like to be, I haven't yet mastered the art of getting posts out of time, staying on top of editing (haha,) and quiet a list of other things... but I once heard Mark Cuban say,

 "Perfection is the enemy of profitability. You can try to make everything perfect, but you're losing opportunity somewhere else."

and, hey, it's fun. and I get something out there. and I'm making a name for myself. So, hey man. Let the rest take care of itself, for now, I'm having fun!

also, big, big, thank you to everyone who has followed my crazy-rant-y posts! You guys are the best!! ♥


  1. Lottie! I just found your blog, and have very much enjoyed browsing through your posts. Your photography is inspiring, as are your words. I can relate to what you said in this post - blogging has been a journey for my insecurities too, but in the end it's been good for me. All the best with Project 52 - you're almost done! - and once again, I'm glad to have come across this place of yellow bliss. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. i love your photos, they're exactly my kind of style. especially for your age too, you're doing amazing! i really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos. i feel inspired every time i do. ♡