Friday, September 18, 2015

fabulous friday // then and now

Recently I came across an old picture. This picture is pretty terrible, but it was a turning point in my photography. I started seeing photography as an art instead of "good enough." I started trying, letting the pictures speak for themselves, instead of clicking without thinking. I put effort into it, because I realized that you make the picture, not the camera.
Taken 4/16/2012
In my defense, I was using a point and shot at the time, and despite what everyone says, there are limitations. Can you still create art with limitations? of course, but if you're never exposed to good art, how are you supposed to now how to make it?

I'm glad you understand.

So last March (the 28th) I took a picture, which, well, resembled the shot above.
 There's a fitting van gogh quote that pops to mind, "I am still far from being where I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed."

I can't tell you how encouraged I felt after seeing these pictures side by side. I felt like I really had made progresses, even though each baby step is almost unrecognizable. I would highly encourage you to take a look back at an old picture you took (especially if it was one you thought was really good at the time,) and try to recreate it, to see how far you've come!

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