Friday, January 8, 2016

fabulous friday // ring in the new year + what you will be seeing around here

With Project 365, yes please!! What better way to ring in the new year than Ly-d-ia Bennet? *cough I'm a big fan.
So, I thought I'd get you up-to-date about what's going on around Yellow Bliss:
  • I'm trying Project 365 (minus the weekends - you can do the math) instead of Project 52, which means a HUGE boast in photos per week.
  • Posts will come twice a week - a round-up of project 365, and naturally Fabulous Friday. and hey, we'll play it by ear - if we need more stuff, I'll put up more stuff. 
  • Every week I'll do a replay of photos I took the week before, just like I did last year, only I'll do it in one post instead of two. (Photo count is up, post count is down.)
I think I basically said the same thing in point two and three, but three points looks so much better than two, no?

For more interesting stuff, check out this article. It's a good read. and might help you see your life in a new light.


  1. about to check out the article but wait, is that mary kate!? love her!! ^_^

    1. HAVE YOU SEEN SHIPWRECKED COMEDY?? dahhh she is my (hands down) favorite web series actress. like, ever. like, I'm so so excited you like her because she is a TOTAL FAVORITE of mine!! Isn't she a doll?? :D :D :D

    2. i haven't but i loved spore!! she is amazing, i don't know why she's not HUGE. like kiera knightley huge. or scarlett johansson!! she's exactly my kind of person (mkw that is) love her! and she's gorgeous too! ♡