Tuesday, June 30, 2015

26/52 (part one) - June 24th : Frog

 We found this super little frog in our pool & tib totally fell in love with it. I mean, who wouldn't?

A little summer adventure in the pool, I guess.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fabulous Friday : 25 Things {you didn't know about me}

25 Things {You Didn't Know About This Here Blogger}
Because, who doesn't want to know more about this face behind the blog better? (gosh, that was corny. I promise you I did not step out of Phantom Of The Opera. Promise.)

Favorite Color? I'm a sucker for yellow!

Favorite Food? STIR FRY! also, I love fried rice & burritos. ice cream is good, too, though! (top it all off with Dave's insanity and you've got a meal. ;))

Favorite Animal? Dolphins. I love dolphins.

Favorite Day of the Week? *coughcough yeah, that. Fridays & Sundays.

Piece Of Clothing? I *love* my basic white shirt. Also, I have a long-sleeved darling whom I'm obsessed with. Scarves are a must for me, too.

Favorite Activity? Browsing Pinterest...Camping...Road Trips...Reading...Taking photos...Shopping...

Favorite Subject in School? Literature. Like, is that even a question? Literature, by far and away!

Favorite Sport? BASEBALL, baby! (Go Red Sox!! Also Reds. I love the Cincinnati Reds, too! Joey Votto is amazing!!)

If I won a lot of money, what would I do first? Buy a new camera. And then visit San Fransisco & Santa Cruz.

When do I like to get up in the morning? 8:30 is ideal. 9:30 is more like normal.

Go to bed? 10:30 to 11:00. Usually it ends up more like 12:00 - 1:30, though. :P

Favorite game to play? Charades & Clue.

Book? I just can't choose one. More on that here, here, and here.

Movie? Princess Bride! No, BBC's Pride & Prejudice...Or maybe Charade. Casablanca. It's A Wonderful Life...?

I just don't know!!!

Closest Friend? I have a darling friend, I'll call her Audrey (Hepburn played a character with her name), who lives in Northern Kentucky. I don't get up to see her as often as I'd like. I've also kept in touch with a friend in CA (Lizzy.) Also a couple close friends from church, who are the absolute best. (:

If I had one wish, what would it be? That I were back at the beach, with everyone I loved close. and also a better camera. Maybe with a beach library. yeah. that sounds good.

What do I like most about myself? Umm, appearance-wise, I have this one freckle above my eye that I totally dig, personality-wise, I like my extroversion. (Is it just me or is it just plain AWKWARD to talk about things you like about yourself? xD)

Favorite Candy? Dark chocolate. (It makes me sneeze. :P)

Super power I would like to have? Flying, probably.

Favorite breakfast food? Bagels and Orange Juice!!

Favorite Holiday? I love Christmas & Thanksgiving. Christmas best, because of family time & music, and shopping & Christmas treats, oh my!

Song? Right now, I love Superheros (by Script), Pompeii (by Bastille), Ghost Story & After The Rain Has Fallen (by Sting.) Also, Different Colors by Walk The Moon, The Nights by Avicii and Young Hearts by Strange Talks. Also, the Beach Boys Sounds Of Summer album is an all-time favorite. Read about my music HERE.

Favorite way to travel? Driving! Though I do love riding on planes & trains.

Favorite Toy? Childhood-wise, I had a doll I slept with...Star Dolly. In my mature years (*coughcough), my camera.

Something Random : Six artists I grew up on...Sting, Paul Simon, Phantom Of The Opera [original london cast], Beach Boys, Fernando Ortega, and Mark Heard.

Now it's your turn! Go answer the questions and leave me a comment so I can visit you at your place!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

25/52 (part two) - June 19th : Bubbles!

What is better than bubbles on a (terribly horribly throbbingly HOT) summer day? Bring on the memories, am I right??

Lately I've been really really discouraged about photography. And by lately, I mean like, since the new year. For a while there I felt so consistent, and I just kinda got into a rut. and I shot through that rut, and I feel like I can see the other side of it, now. These were the first pictures in a long time that I really liked. and I think a large part of that is due to the fact that I wasn't getting creative with my shots, but mostly that I was lazy. I didn't want to move around, I didn't want to try out different settings, I didn't want to have to reposition everyone so the sun wasn't in their eyes, etc, etc. Guys, lemme just fess up now: I have been a terrible photographer lately, because I've just let it slide. and also, let that be a lesson to you: Do not just let things slide. Do not say, "good enough" to photography. 'Cause I got news for ya...It's photography, so, no, it is NOT good enough.

You're welcome, and, good night. (:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

25/52 (part one) - Rain, rain, go away...

I love rain. I really do. I love playing in it. I love watching it. But, one thing I don't like is taking pictures in it. Balancing an umbrella and trying to take a picture is not something I've mastered yet. So here are some pictures of the louisville skyline, cause, hey, why not??

What's something you have trouble photographing? Tell me in the comments!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

fabulous friday : On Books (part three)

Books {That made me cry. love. and see the world in a new light.}
(disclaimer: these are all literature, there have been other books that have effected me, that I am not including for various reasons, e.g. the bible,  the shining company, etc,  but that does not mean that they have not effected me.)

Part three - a world of my own...
part one//part two

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
I read this maybe two years ago...I wasn't supposed to. It's assigned for school and my mother really prefers we not read books ahead of time. I did, though. I think I first cried when Darry shows up at the hospital.
I guess in a sense I had never really thought about other people, outside of my tiny world. All (or at least most) of the books I read, movies I watched, songs I listened to, where of/from/by/talking about similar people (or people so not same that it was fairy tale like), to the ones in my little world. Well, this book changed things. With the words, "Stay Gold, Ponyboy." I was like, these people have known a world I will never know, and yet I can still taste it, and I can still sympathize with it. They knew hardships that I'll never know. There's a greater hurt out there that I have never known, and probably never will know. It still makes me cry. )':

Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor
I read this two or three years ago, and the end made me cry pretty hard.
This one ties nicely into The Outsiders. History books make things seem so far away, so distant, so impersonal. (Not to be prejudice against history books, I mean, don't get me wrong, I like history.) This book really brought home some of the prejudices (on both sides), and it was really, really impacting.
Gone With The Wind by Margret Michell
To add or not to add? That's the question. I read this four summers ago & when I-won't-say-who dies, I cried and just about threw the book across the room, "STUPID SCARLET IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU REALIIIIZE??" This book was so agonizing.
Again, it made me see the prejudices in a different light. In a TON of ways, the Northerners were more prejudice than the southerners (I studied this in history, I'm not talking just what I read from Gone With The Wind). They weren't excepting the slaves with open arms. They were using the slaves as an excuse, but really, the slaves weren't what the war was about, nor was it what Abraham Lincoln was all about, but the winner writes history. Okay, I'm getting side tracked.
But I have a love-hate relationship with this book. Not sure if I would even really suggest it (certainly not at the age I read it.) It was most certainly thought-provoking and so hard (and deep) on so many levels, but it wasn't a book I came away loving. Well, kind of loving. Mostly hating, and in that hating, love for the poetry of the book. (Am I making any sense? I'll stop.)

-Nothing To Fear by Jackie French Koller
I read this a couple years ago and since have gone back and reread/skimmed it quite a few times. I cry when his mom goes to the hospital & I cry when he finds out about his dad, and I cry at the end, because it's so happy & conclusive.
Like with The Outsides, this made me realize there was a whole other world out there. A world of the great depression. A world I could have had a taste of. I world, I could have touched. I was just born a good 80+ years too late. With this book it brought home to me how much everyone suffered. In my mind's eye, I see if there is ever another crisis like that, people will help each other, and I won't be effected by it. Only other people. But that's not life.

This is really short. this is super short. I have so so many thoughts on all of these books, but I'm going to leave it at that...Maybe some day I'll come back and write more, but for now...

I'm out.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

24/52 (part two) - June 12th : the world is turning

Lately I've been very reflective. I've really been considering, Am I using my time wisely? I mean, I'm not saying every little thing I do has to be huge steps for humanity, or anything, but that doesn't mean that it's okay to lie around on the computer all day (which I don't. Honest.) listening to music and browsing pinterest. So I've been asking myself a lot lately, is this gaining anything for me? And don't get me wrong, I can take a little bit of break now and then and just relax. but is that my every moment? Because that should stop. At the same time, I shouldn't try to rush a something and do a shoddy job. Actually, that's losing me time. A lot of time, probably. And experience, and lots of other great things like that that are very beneficial long term, but are hard to do short term.

 Anyway, in reference to that, these lyrics have been going through my head. Takin' My Time by Susan Ashton...

The world is turnin’
Telling me to hurry on
You gotta run to get ahead
Try to take the things you want
But when the sun begins to set
So many things I haven’t done yet

Oh, but I won’t worry
‘Cause there’s no hurry
The world’s not passin’ me by
‘Cause the Lord he knows
Just where each day goes
I know He won’t leave me behind
And I won’t be bringin’ a single thing
That my heart can’t carry inside
‘Cause I’m goin’ home
And I’m only takin’ my time

The weight of worry
Is never worth the price
Of a world of treasures
That can never satisfy
But I know Heaven's up ahead
Where the best is yet to come

So I won’t worry
‘Cause there’s no hurry
The world’s not passin’ me by
‘Cause the Lord he knows
Just where each day goes
I know He won’t leave me behind
And I won’t be bringin’ a single thing
That my heart can’t carry inside
Lord I’m goin’ home
And I’m only takin’ my time

Go give it a listen! and also...What have you been reflecting on lately? What's a song that has really inspired you in reference to your reflection?

Also, for future reference, those are favorite sandals of mine. If you've met me (not in months November through February) then I'd bet a couple bucks you seen them (or my matching red ones which I got three or four years ago.) Talk about girl's best friend. I literally wore them into October (even a couple warm days in winter) and come march, those babies were right back in my room. But seriously, they're like 16 bucks at target and are so sturdy and comfy and so dang cute, go do yourself a favor and buy some...*coughcough* and no, I wasn't sponsored by Target to write that poetry. (I wish.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

24/52 (part one) - June 11th : wagon & a project

Right now I'm working out photographing, editing, and ordering pictures of the two children I babysit. Then I am going to take paper bags and ribbons and washi tape and such and put together a one of those cheap-looking-but-actually-really-cool scrapbooks with them for their mom, as a 'thank-you' gift. It'll be a little bit of work, but it will give me something worth while to do with them for their mom, and it'll be tons of fun, so why not? (: Anyway, After capturing his last day of school drop off I think I've gotten all the essentials, and I'm ready to roll! Next step? Editing. *sigh

Friday, June 12, 2015

fabulous friday : on books (part two)

Books {That made me cry. love. and see the world in a new light.}
(disclaimer: these are all literature, there have been other books that have effected me, that I am not including for various reasons, e.g. the bible,  the shining company, etc,  but that does not mean that they have not effected me.)
part one//part three

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
I read this last year in school. I started crying about when they get home.
The last chapter, when Scout is talking about walking in someone else's shoes, as Atticus has told her to do (let's all pause for a moment as we think about how wonderful Gregory Peck was as Atticus Finch. Yeah, baby.) She realizes all that's been done for them, and how little they've done in return and how it makes her feel. And then everything is suddenly in a new light...*dies (< not literally.)
Pictures Of Hollis Woods by Patrica Reilly Giff
I first read this years and years ago. I thought it was darling and sweet and I cried. Over the years I've pick it up several times and read it again. and I always think how darling and sweet it is. and I always cry.
What was so good about this book? Her character development is so good. She starts out a brat, but an obviously lost, scared brat, and it makes you sympathize with her. Giff's flow and the way she describes things is amazing to me. She doesn't describe what is happening, she describes little details here and there to give you hints of whats going on. If I could make my photos reflect this, it would be a beautiful day for me.

What Hearts by Bruce Brooks
This has so much. So, so much. In a book that has got to be less than 100 pages, there's so much of the human heart wrapped up here. So sweet. So sad. I hate to say this again, but I can't even sum it up. (dang, I'm not going into writing!) 
Series Of Unfortunate Events : The End & Book The Fourteenth by Lemony Snicket
I've only read the whole series once, I've read the last chapter (little pun there. the fourteenth book is called the Last Chapter. Smart, huh? ^-^), entitled The Last Chapter, twice. The last word. like, last last. I did not realize one word could have so much impact. and if I told you that word (a name, actually) it would mean nothing. But that word carries the whole book, makes you want to go reread the whole series, answers questions you didn't know you had, creates so many new questions that you don't know if you can even count them all, and makes you question life in and of itself. Well, more or less. It does make you question who's good and who's bad, at very least.

Also, the dedications are hilarious. If you never read the books, read the dedications. It's worth the while.

To be continued...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

23/52 (part two) - June 4th : More Summer

Not to bore anyone or anything, but really, our main pool activity is swimming, so the majority of my pictures for summer will be from pool time! Enjoy!

Check out my Summer Must Haves! What are your essentials for summer?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

23/52 (part one) - June 2nd : restart button

we all have need of them, some time or other. for me, restarting usually includes pinterest, a book, music and a cup of tea. and often I find myself starting on a sit-down task that I haven't had a chance to do or have put off before. Really, all I need is music to get me going and then I'm usually grooved to go. It's nice to know what you're restart button is, though.

What's your restart button? (is it music? ;))

Friday, June 5, 2015

fabulous friday : summer must-haves

We're all revved up for summer, right? There is so much to get in order, though, in just two short months (plus a little.) I don't know... I find myself stressed out about getting everything done (usually while procrastinating,) or over the moon at the possibilities this summer holds. I'm trying to be less stressed (because that's what summer's for, right?), while still getting things done, ya know? It's a little bit of a hard balance. Focus on the positive, right? I mean, there's a lot to focus on, but I don't want to get bogged down by everything going on (most of which is very positive) by just taking it in and not enjoying anything. I think I may have totally lost my audience on this one, though.
Does this make sense to anyone else?

Here's the deal: Summer is for getting things done (that you normally wouldn't be able to do during the school year,) taking a deep breath, getting a break from school, and having fun. I feel like so often I let my summer slip by without getting anything done, but at the same time I always feel kinda swamped. And then at the end of the summer, I feel like, "wow, well that wasn't even that great. I have nothing to show for that one."

But all that is kinda outside the point. This is about summer and the awesomeness that goes with it. But what do you need to make that awesomeness really pop? Top Ten. for me. right here, right now. Go!

1. sunglasses! (preferably some ray bans, right?)

2. awesome music (Beach Boys, ftwin!)
3. fun friends

4. goals
5. flip-flops (uh huh yay!)

6. good books

7. fun and spontaneous plans (I mean baseball games!)

8. good inspiration
9. awesome hobby to showcase your summer (photography & journaling)

10. good coffee

What are your make or break summer traditions?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

22/52 (part two) - May 29th : so this is summer

Settling down into routine for summer...Which means what time we eat (whenever,) what time we sleep (basically never,) what time we do our chores (we forgot,) and what time we swim (always!) How cute are these two? dahhh, dying!

So, because I love traditions (especially new ones !!), tell me your summer ones!