Tuesday, January 19, 2016

week two : just another manic monday

last week was a bummer week. well, except we did get a new car and it's totally amazing and that's super cool. but as far as photography goes (or school, can I get an amen?) it was lame-o.

Bonus : Sunday // I love, love the photos from over-cast snow days... I just hate taking them. Literally (and I mean literally) freezing outside and that's not happy weather to me. Unless it's vacation in the mountains. The snow is lovely though... When it's outside and you have cocoa and a blanket by the fire.

Monday // Snow day, baby!

Tuesday // Wonderful packing snow - made three snowmen. also, my parents bought a new car, my brother got new glasses!

Wednesday // playing with light and focus

Thursday // It's in the 50s - definitely warm enough to wear flip flops & study outside

Friday // Ah, welcome to the house of girls.

1 comment:

  1. the last three photos are my favourites!! we all have weeks where we just can't wait for the end, this week is a new shot at things :)
    your snow looks amazing! we hardly ever get more than an inch and that's if we get any at all. england sucks in the weather department.
    particularly love the last photo, it speaks a thousand words <3

    hope this week is better for you!! xoxo