Friday, November 18, 2016

fabulous friday . fall (?)

It's that time of year I'm binge-listening to Andrew Mcmahon in the Wilderness and putting together a calendar for each set of grandparents. This season makes me appreciate so many things. Mostly due to the fact that I'm looking over all these at least semi-forgotten memories. and it brings back so many good ones. and it's encouraging like nothing else.

In other news, fall, despite it's crazy-not-fall-weather and not-fall-colors ((*angry emoji*)) as been absolutely the bomb-diggity for good food around here. *cue granola pic*

Along with the annual apple foods, I've made more batches of granola than I could ever count, sweet potatoes and choritzo, lots of sausage and fall veggies, pumkin bread, and (praise hands) today I successfully made the best gosh-darn potato fries in the oven. (the secret is to soak them ten minutes before you bake them. also spray the foil. pure. bliss.)

I think in between moments I forget how many there were and how good they were. Looking over pictures from the year is like a mental check of, oh, yeah, I actually did a lot of wonderful things this year. and, oh, yeah, I actually have so, so much to be thankful for. and how could I forget...??

So, I cannot encourage you enough to look over your old pictures from the season. Scan your blog posts from the year. It's amazing how much we forget. It's amazing how much we've forgotten.

(I just heard the car pull into the driveway. my sisters are home early from school. I don't know what it is about a mess-up in routine that makes me so happy. but it does.)

*coughcough* well that was written last friday and now it's friday again and this still hasn't seen the light of the internet.

I will tell you, though, that tonight I finished editing the pictures we took while apple picking, get this: over fall break. over a month ago.

Ah, well, life.

Buuut, mmm, a sting album came out so now I think I have listened to it three times back-to-back-to-back. What can I say? it's a good album. (thank you for alerting me to the fact of it's existence, deryn)

So guys I realized the light is actually like so dang beautiful through my 18-55 mm lens and even though the lens is crummy and I a little bit like totally digging it. hmmmmmm?
Beautiful, am I right??My mom brought home four (four!!!!) boxes of trader joe's tea (not sponsored, but totally could be!) so I'm pretty stoked, to say the very least. ha. I'm signing out now.
and guys, what are you doing for thanksgiving? I hope yours is fantastic!