Friday, January 1, 2016

fabulous friday // project 365

I've done a lot of thinking about what to do for 2016. In some ways, I feel extremely motivated to try project 365 again, I'm also struggling with just getting two shots a week in the rainy, wintery days we've been having. Hands down, winter is the worst season to me. I love the snow. mostly... but I prefer it on vacation in the mountains rather than right outside my front door. I'll always be a californian at heart. 
It's been raining up a storm lately, and while I love it, I can not shoot in it... well, will not (can't lives on won't street, my mother has often told me.) and one day maybe I'll be skilled enough to set the camera, take the shot, and be done. but as it is, winter is impossible for me. why must the year start in january? It's like throwing you right into the hardest part of life. 

But guess what? I'm starting something crazy this year. Not quiet project 365, but close. I'm going to start with just five pictures a week. monday through friday and a lot of school books and computer screen shots in between, but it will be something. and I'm not going to stress if I miss a day. or two. or a week. or two. Because it'll be okay.

and here are three articles to read about project 365:

What's your photography goal for 2016?

If you don't have any, go play this game. It's fun.


  1. i think i might try project 365 this year! i've never completed anything like it but i'm doing a few things this year and i'm determined to see them through! i'll definitely be checking back to see what you're doing with your photos through the week :)

    good idea not to stress about it! it's not going to really affect your life if you miss some days. happy new year!

    1. Oh, I'd love to see you do it! When I did it a few years ago it was so so hard and some days I would just take a terrible picture and delete it before it even made it to the computer -- I made it a check box to check and it lost a lot of it's joy so I am determined NOT to do that again! I'm starting next week and it would be so so encouraging if you joined me... even if it was only three or four photos a week instead of seven!

    2. that i can completely understand! i tried doing daily snaps but because i did it as a series with multiple photos each day, it was quite hard work. now one photo doesn't seem like much but i'm sure i'll have days where i'm not too happy with any i've taken, i have those days often!! well, now you know i'm definitely doing it and will definitely come here to see what you've done for it and give some friendly encouragement! :)