Thursday, January 7, 2016

52/52 (part two) - december 31st // my room

my tendency is to freak at the last minute because I didn't take a picture. Then, instead of going to find a picture, I just grab my camera (I like to keep it within arm's reach) and just kinda click around the room. check.

and I go back to what I was doing.

So, this year, be prepared to see a lot of room pictures. I present, the last of project 52, and the first of a long series of room photos.

 My side of the room, of course, need some (a lot?) of work. I'm a messy person.  But, if you're interested in seeing what my sister is up to (she's in graphic design and doing lots of stuff at college and her life has a ton more ups and downs than mine...) She's over HERE.

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  1. i love your room! mess is just a side effect of a creative mind ;) that colour green is gorgeous!!