Tuesday, January 5, 2016

52/52 (part one) - december 29th // legos

 There's this new phenomenon that is taking hold of us and it's this: Lego Friends.

They're a ton of fun to build, and they are all my siblings under ten ever ask for anymore, it seems. Thankfully, they do enjoy playing with them once they're built, so it's not like it's a one-time thing, but seriously, they're like the new webkinz.


  1. we have tons of lego, but what are lego friends!? they look/sound awesome!! i'm sure Elliot would love them :)

  2. I always feel like legos are timeless no matter how old you are or when you're born. So good for really using your imagination and creativity! I was OBSESSED with my brother's legos as a kid. :)