Thursday, December 24, 2015

50/52 (part two) - december 19 // california dreamin'

on such a winter's day... I'm really really missing california these days. some things just can't be replaced. you can take a girl outta california, but you can't talke california out of a girl. ♥ but I am excited for christmas... even if I do spend it in kentucky.

recently we've been playing this game that has gotten very popular in the US, called Ticket To Ride... naturally, whenever I hear/read the name I start singing the beatles song. I just have to.

one awesome thing has come of it (because all of us growing extremely superstitious about the blue trains always winning is not that awesome of a thing,) and that is that I have gotten so good at my European geography. At least with the major cities.
Christmas time is always the best time for board (& card) games... clue, monopoly, ticket to ride, sorry! - you name it! Tell me your favorite games to play with your family when you get a little free time.

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