Friday, December 11, 2015

fabulous friday // art journaling

I know I've mentioned art journaling on multiple occasions, but I realized I had never shared what I actually did... and that was for a couple reasons: one being I don't have one thing I do. In fact, it's a rather large mishmash of anything that can be flattened (you'd be surprised.) As a matter of fact, I managed to fit a full copy of david copperfield inside the pages of... no. wait. that was, indeed, David Copperfield. Not my art journal. I get them mixed up sometimes... Another reason being that I don't really have a lot of pictures that I don't post on here -- certainly not other ones of my art journal and since I usually blog at night, I don't have the light I need to take pictures for every fabulous friday. But something I've learned in my blogging years is to not let imperfection step in the way of actually doing something... So today I proudly present: My Art Journaling Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. (but not really any of the above things promised.)
1. Photos
This is huge for me. Probably about a third of my art journal is a scrapbook. and that's okay with me, because these photos mean something to me and this journal is all about this year and commemorating it. Sometimes I add captions, and sometimes I don't. It's all loose.

2. Page for each month
While I date every page (or try to... sometimes it's every other page and that's chill with me,) it's important to me to just get an overall feel for each month or the year in general. I feel like it puts it into perspective of what time of month it is... I try to get it in as close to the first as possible, but it's already the tenth and I just realized I never did one for december, so I don't beat myself up about it. (ha)

3. Misc thoughts
If you've spent any time here you know that one of my biggest struggles is tying everything in. To me my brain is a little like a box of packing peanuts -- I can't just pull one or two or even a handful out without five or six unrelated ones popping out along with it. (um, no thank you.) but I do think that when you take all those misc thoughts together sometimes you can start to see themes and get the full pictures. Kind of like a Seurat painting, right? 
4. Song lyrics, quotes, and bible verses.
This one is also pretty important to me because it helps to gather together a lot of lose ends. I feel like those misc thoughts get not only carried away, but also never resolved, but when I add a quote or bible verse or something on the next page it tells my conclusion without me having to rewrite each page to make it a nice, well-written essay. 

5. (Flat) Swag
Anything important that I can fit, (and won't miss,) I add. Kinda like that meme, that hung around a couple years (last year?) ago -- INCLUDE ALL THE SWAG, right?

6. Doodles
This is just a space-filler, and something to get a little wild with it... get outta my comfort zone, ya know?
7. Another picture or two. or three. or as many as I can fit
...because pictures are really important to me.

Tell me what you like to include in your art journals & why. I'll need ideas for 2016!

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