Tuesday, December 8, 2015

48/52 (part one) - december 4th // barnes & noble

Fact: it's not a christmas season unless we ended up in barnes and noble. at least four times. (some things can't be bought online.)

 This year for our first trip to the bookstore, I promised my younger brother a trip to the starbucks (which I am not a fan of and a warning: DO NOT go within fifteen feet of their cannoli -- in fact, just so it sticks, think of the worst possible icing/frosting you've even had and think of the horror of placing in your mouth... then imagine it two days old and three times grosser and you might have a mental image of what starbucks canoli tastes like... and all those years with Rob Irvine making it look so dang good...) -- which definitely could have been worse. After trying to get my five-year-old sister to just pick what she wanted, I settled for a cream soda and called it a day. and ya know, once we were sitting, it just didn't matter. very much.

and what I want for christmas (or my birthday -- which is the 22nd.) it was right there in b&n all along! who knew right? Okay, but in all seriousness, I do want one of the beautiful posters, but what I actually totally want is the Great Gatsby one because it would make even f. scott fitzgerald tear up from the beauty. probably.
Tell me about your traditions or non-traditions that you & your family/friends have!

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