Thursday, December 31, 2015

51/52 (part two) - december 24th // oh, what fun

I know I've mentioned it before, but Lemony Snicket is a genius. Fact. 

The last book in the series All The Wrong Questions about Lemony Snicket's childhood -- or, a little less than a year of it, it's hard to measure time in his books -- came out and it is a gem. a big one. They are so good. also there might have definitely been tears. sad tears, but a few happy tears. daaaah, you need to read them. 

Also, anyone heard about the new tv series they're making about the books?? Whaaaaaaat. Excited about that!!! ♥


  1. i have all the series of unfortunate events books but haven't read the last two (why?) so they're on my tbr list this year, for sure. a tv series will be awesome if they do it right! i hadn't heard about that!

    1. Oh, you have have have to read the last two!! The last one clears up so much it's amazing!! seriously, though... it answers more questions than like any other five books in the whole series!! You will love them both (well, as much as you can love such depressing books haha!)