Tuesday, December 22, 2015

50/52 (part one) - december 17th // oh, christmas tree (and also it's my birthday - tah dah!)

I don't know if anyone caught that title, but it was a tangled reference. ;) But today, as it so happens, is, indeed, my birthday. Technically, I was born at 7:00 o'clock on the west coast, so I guess I'm not sweet sixteen until 10:00 today, but heck, who cares?

You can see the doorway (average door height) over on the right... Like I've said before, our tree is over 15 feet tall, and let me tell you, it is ay-mazing.


  1. happy birthday!! enjoy sixteen, it's a fun age ^_^
    hope you're having a lovely day!

    robyn xoxo

  2. happy birthday you are now the same age as me. :) Wow - that tree is HUGE!!! :)