Tuesday, December 15, 2015

49/52 (part one) - december 8th // school

Anyone excited for christmas break? I'm not taking this week off from school (science test yay) but I am taking it lightly. It's always hard, though, to balance it out. I want to have time for christmas shopping, candy making, tree trimming, etc, etc, but at the same time, I want time in summer, too, ya know? So it's a trade-off. People do ask me sometimes if I'm excited to have the day off (at dentist appointments or whatever,) and I'm like, well, now, yes, but long term, heck no! It just means a day at the end of the school year to catch up on. 

So I guess it's made me pretty self-motivated. 

Which reminds me, I'd wanted to share a little bit on what I do as far a school goes. You will probably run into another homeschooler or two in your lifetime and honestly, sometimes we have less in common than two public schoolers. Some people use curriculum, others don't. Some people have strict schedules, others just learn about what floats their boat (not literally,) some have outside help, others are completely at home. The outcome being, you always have to dig deeper when you find out someone is "home schooled."

As for what we do, we use a literature-based curriculum called Sonlight. It is technically "Christian" so the study guide is written from that perspective, but we read a ton of classic literature and it's heavy on the discussion, so it's really what you make it. Every day I have something from each subject assigned: bible & bible study books (optional,) history, poetry, literature, historic literature, and a writing assignment. Then I have a page for science (I'm taking biology this year, but you can take any science with any year without messing with the rest of the year's course.) Math I take, but at my own pace, and it's is the only subject I do all summer. I'm poking through geometry, if anyone was wondering. 

 and pro tip: go buy yourself a robert frost book and read every single word written in that book. it's good for your soul.
I just reached the fifties: suburbs, fast food, and itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny and all that stuff. the '50s where a pretty radical time.


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment and it's so exciting that you found me through Clothes Horse! I'm loving your photos and it's really cool to get a peak into homeschooling (I've always wondered how it was structured and never knew).

    And treat yourself this holiday season and take a LIIIITTLE bit more time to do all those fun holiday things. Trees and candy always beat out studying. ;)

    Happy Holidays to you too! xx


    1. haha, glad you enjoyed it. I definitely will take time off in the coming week - christmas candy is the absolute best!

      thank you for the sweet comment