Thursday, December 10, 2015

48/52 (part two) - december 5th // cookie baking

I don't think we've actually ever baked christmas cookies. My mom doesn't have a big sweet tooth (and it's not a desert unless it has caramel and/or chocolate. period.) so christmas is usually fudge, english toffee, and sometimes peppermint bark. but a lot. like, pans and pans of each. usually only like three batches of peppermint bark (each is a couple dozen pieces) and five to eight pans of fudge and english toffee...each.

Here's the thing: we're big foodies. and my mother has perfected every recipe she has ever gotten into her hot little hands. So lemme tell you, her christmas candy is stellar. like, superb. amaze-balls, and all that. 

But we actually happen to be baking cookies for a christmas cookie exchange with the scout troop. My sister, kitty (not pictured,) is super go-getter and try-all kinda kid, so since her unit is doing the cookie exchange instead of taking the usual chocolate chip cookies (which is an amazing recipe from my uncle. top secret stuff.) she wanted to try snicker-doodle-with-rolos-inside cookies. Ha. say that three times fast.

for the record: cinnamon Does Not belong with caramel and chocolate. it just doesn't. even if you like rolos!

I know I've said it before, but doesn't my sister have lovely eyes? Don't even answer that. Just look. In awe. (and maybe a little jealousy.)

and the weather of course, was so very christmasy, it was all very festive. 

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