Tuesday, December 1, 2015

47/52 (part one) - November 27th // I'll never outgrow the thrill

It's that time of year when the world falls in love... every song seems to say "Merry Christmas!"
yeah, so I'm like "bring it christmas. this is it, baby..." well, we got our christmas tree last friday. like we do every year. But this year we made a record: our tree was 15'9". no joke. Our ceiling at the tallest part is 15'10, so we had to chop some off the bottom (because of the stand,) and put it over by the stairs instead of the normal corner. and lemme tell you, it's enormous & beautiful.

Also, sickness has infested our home so that left me to string the lights (with my dad) and put up the ornaments on the higher branches (gosh I've all but conquered my fear of heights...) and to tell the truth, I'm just glad it's done... We will be making some more ornaments (yay for mod podge) -- I know because I took up the advent calendar (christmas wouldn't be the same without me) and we're going to have such a blast. sleeping under the tree (we can literally this year -- it's a good foot off the ground,) wrapping party like yo, It's A Wonderful Life movie night *sobsnifflehappytear*, etc.

So the great question of the year... because I love music so much : Tell me your favorite christmas song/album in the comments!! I'll head over the spotify now!


  1. i love this set of photographs so much. we don't have traditions like this over here in england, which is sucky. i guess we do have some traditions which are pretty neat to make up for it though. anyway, i've decided to bring a little bit of american culture to our family next year so i might be coming your way to ask how it all works!

    just a note, and i realllllyyyy hope you don't think i'm being know-it-all, i really don't. know it all that is. but i just thought that since you're obviously very bright and i know that you're homeschooled (is that still the case?) i thought you would actually appreciate me pointing it out :) i hope i'm right!

    so "concurred" (your fear of heights) actually means "to agree with", the word you were looking for is "conquered" ♡ i already want to pull faces at myself for saying anything!

    i hope your family is better soon, in time for christmas :) winter sickness is no joke.

    - robyn xx

    1. haha! no harm done!! I've always been a bad speller, and I definitely prefer when it's pointed out so I can save face & fix it! Can't believe I got that wrong, though! ha! thanks for the heads up!!