Thursday, October 22, 2015

42/52 (part two) - October 17th // hike

We went on a hike for Phil, an amazing thirteen-year-old boy who has brain cancer. He is seriously one of the sweetest kids I know. He is so so kind to small children - it's so sweet. He's been such an amazing testimony of God's love and mercy he has struggled so bravely through this.

Really, there isn't much more I can say. He's going to Israel now, and the hike was raising money for the trip. They made 24,400 dollars, so I think they can call it a day!! Please pray for him to be strong through all of this, though!

There is a funny hiking story, though... Something like this:

So I wasn't going to go on the hike, I was going to hang out with my friend and her older brother while they played (and she sang - I have talented friends) but my younger sister's best friend's dad was like, lottie, go. go. (possibly because he sent his kids on the hike and wanted me to watch them. No, really, it'd be just like him. ha.) So I went. Because I didn't want to distract my friend from singing/playing and make her nervous, and anyway, they were busying doing their thing and my younger sister was taking our youngest sister (who's two) so I felt like it would be nicest to go.

lalala. So, apparently younger sister's best friend's younger brothers (plus friends) had gone on ahead of us and were totally goofing off. like, getting off the trail and looking for snakes (they're younger than ten, so you can't blame em. and they do have spunk. gotta hand it to them.) so I was like, guys! get back on the trail! and they thought it was funny to scream whenever they saw us and run as fast as possible away from us. hil-air-i-ous. okay, boys'll be boys. no big.

so in a couple places the trail breaks into a fork, but there were helpful arrows to point us in the right direction so it was no big. well, so Elena's little sister (Elena being my younger sister, elee's, bestie...) headed off in the direction of the boys while we were busying reading a sign about Phil.

So after finishing the sign I was like, "aw, snap. where's Sandra?" so everyone took off running to find her... Well, naturally she was with the boys. duh. Here's the catch: The boys had taken a wrong turn - a shortcut, really. Well, we all rushed off to find Sandra and had missed the sign. So we got to the boys... and they were off the trail (this is the third or forth time.) like, guys! So being the responsible, nag-y person I am, I made them get back on the trail like dang. and I was like, and stay on it. and they were all, we don't want to be with you guys. so we'll wait til you go by and then we'll come. and I was like, 'k, but don't get off the trail again, or I'll tell your parents (but like totally joking because I don't want to be one of those lame losers who thinks she can boss everyone around... but I am, a little tiny bit.) and they were all, eh. our dad's don't care. and here's the thing: That's totally true. Neither of the boy's dad's cared. I mean, like, they don't want them to get hurt, but they're both all for having their kids explore. more or less. and I was like, well, fine. but I do care, and so do your mom's, so get back on this trail. and we kept going...

and then I asked another girl in the group like, hey this is the right way, right? because you've been bragging to us about how you've already gone on the hike and know your way around. (okay, I left out the part about the bragging... but she was.) and she was all, oh yeah, yeah.

well, we went around the bend and like a dude from church was there all, guys. you came the wrong way. and we were like, daaaang... so we retraced our steps and because the guys had goofed off so much, they were late to their soccer game. serves em right. next time they should listen when I boss them around.
 Tell me about your crazy story from the week (or funnest camping/hiking trip!!)

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