Tuesday, October 27, 2015

43/52 (part one) - so many trees

That's my window open up there... oops. I totally want to stick a sister up there, though, because the light on their face will be amazing and right now the weather is perfectly fabulous. *dies figuratively

The weather has been so nice and the leaves have been so lovely, so for the grandparent's calendar, I tracked everyone younger than me I took fall portraits. wellll, they certainly left a ton of room for improvement, but hey, they where better than last years, and it's a learning processes, and you know what? I did it. I did it and frankly, it was enjoyable... but I'm not a portrait kinda person. ugh people are hard. :\
A couple thoughts for this coming week: So we just finished throwing a operation christmas child packing party (say that three times fast!) which took all day cooking, cleaning and setting up. golly.

then tomorrow my grandparents are coming for a week, so we need to get everything clean (yep we made a mess) and get meals planned and shopping done and school, let's not forget. 

then obviously there's the halloween, but we don't celebrate that, so we'll probably going out to dinner or something with my grandparents.

and then there's the world series... sorry, royals fans, but go mets.

Then there's my sister's tenth birthday... I believe we're having friends over and we'll watch a movie...tba, I think. (*crosses fingers for a b&w)

so this is going to be a crazy, crazy next week (and a half) or so. *deep breath

sorry if I've got a crazy post schedule.

Also, guys! I can't believe I have less than ten weeks left in the year!! (plus I've never missed a post! score!) O.o

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