Friday, October 16, 2015

fabulous friday // apple picking (left overs)

You would not believe how many photos I have deleted from this day trip. It's quiet insane.

And honestly, each picture I delete feels like I failed. Like, I should have been able to get the shot. AND WHY DID I TAKE SO MANY PICTURES?? I don't need to shoot in the dark. I know how to work my camera.

Also, I've been delete a lot because I say, look, there's just no artisticness in this picture. It just sucks. It doesn't have a main subject. or, Ugh, she's smack dab in the middle, with ugly chaos everywhere. Or, Shoot, there I go, chopping of limbs.

Partly is due to the large number of people who are milling around. I always have a crowd to deal with, even when we're the only ones there. (and lemme tell you my siblings are The Absolute Worst when it comes to staying out - or IN - the frame. gaaaah noooo)

relatable, anyone?  Lately it feels like every shot is just a drag through the mud. I mean c'mon, they're TERRIBLE. 

and I mean compared to what I know I can do. Not just like, other people.

But hey. It's all for my good. This is going to make me try harder, go the extra mile, find the emotion, the light, the beauty in life. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get back to where my photos were at least pleasant to look at.

I will. Just wait.

In other news, looking back at old photos, as I put together the calendars for my grandparents (merry christmas!) has made me encouraged. Like, dude, I used to be pretty good at focus. Even if now I've lost it. *rolls eyes

These ducks were seriously the coolest thing. They would totally just eat right out of your hand! It was so much fun!

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