Friday, October 30, 2015

fabulous friday // what I'm up to

ugh, I had a sick week, so it's back to a What I'm Up To! So, what am I up to? Ahh, good question.

Well, lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. okay, mostly in the past few minutes catching up on Humans of New York. Everyone has a story, don't they? and how sad, and dang hard everyone's seems to be.
Also a couple weeks ago in church my pastor brought out the point of how blessed we are to know the truth. To know that there is a God who desires what's best for us, because we are his children. And oh, how amazing, that we don't have to worry about how we're supposed to act or respond to different situations. and heck! what more do we freaking want?!? *coughcoughsorry

reading// brave new world (does anyone else feel the need to sing "a whole new world" whenever they see/hear the title? well, now you will. thank me later.)

watching// yeah, not even baseball. idk, I just haven't... *bad baseball fan, I know. for reals, though... web series. like, those web adaptions where they take a book & convert it into like a vlog. anyone remember lizzy bennet? (go check her out for sure) well, same idea. seriously, though. they're... great.

listening// b&w movies (andrew mcmahon in the wilderness) & laughter lines (Bastille) and hello (adele) a few times...

wearing// yesss it's scarf time!!

looking forward to// breakfast tomorrow. (I don't mean to be shallow, but I just got over being sick, so what do you expect? it's the little things in life. it's pumkin & banana bread, if you were wondering.)

shopping// I really really want to go to h&m. like, hey, man, I could really get into this stuff!

pinning// lala, let's try to finish my art journal before the new year, shall we? 

loving// mmm, hot apple cider and qwirkle, am I right??

one last thing: this is my very, very last post in october. shout out to october: love you lots. just thought you should know, because I'll never seen the 2015 version of you, prime time, again. you've been so kind to me. I'll always have the best memories of you. ♥

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