Friday, October 2, 2015

fabulous friday // what I'm up to

reading// The Great Gatsby and Agatha Christies

watching// hmm, last night more twilight zones. slowly but surely, as they say.

listening// Believe (Mumford & Sons) & Fields of Gold (Sting)

wearing // yay scarves!! So excited!! Also, this lovely jacket over everything.

looking forward to// scarves! (did I already say that?) Thanksgiving. Rain. Christmas. Good food. the World Series (aw yisss.) and a little vacation time because I quit my job. :((

shopping// today; target, old navy, children's place (okay, that wasn't actually for me...)

pinning// I have a new(ish) board: There's That - for the beauty of the world that doesn't quiet fit in my photography board.

loving// this beautiful weather.

bonus: learning // just got to the first world war. exciting stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Twilight Zone! I've been watching those as well; sooo happy that four of the five seasons are on Netflix now.

    Also, World Series! ^^ My team, KC Royals, went last year so we're all sort of crossing our fingers behind our backs, hoping they take the crown this year.

    Lovely post! I'm looking forward to scarves too; it hasn't gotten quite that cold here yet but it's bound to soon enough, and when it does, my scarves and I will be ready.

    O | Life as a Young Lady