Friday, June 5, 2015

fabulous friday : summer must-haves

We're all revved up for summer, right? There is so much to get in order, though, in just two short months (plus a little.) I don't know... I find myself stressed out about getting everything done (usually while procrastinating,) or over the moon at the possibilities this summer holds. I'm trying to be less stressed (because that's what summer's for, right?), while still getting things done, ya know? It's a little bit of a hard balance. Focus on the positive, right? I mean, there's a lot to focus on, but I don't want to get bogged down by everything going on (most of which is very positive) by just taking it in and not enjoying anything. I think I may have totally lost my audience on this one, though.
Does this make sense to anyone else?

Here's the deal: Summer is for getting things done (that you normally wouldn't be able to do during the school year,) taking a deep breath, getting a break from school, and having fun. I feel like so often I let my summer slip by without getting anything done, but at the same time I always feel kinda swamped. And then at the end of the summer, I feel like, "wow, well that wasn't even that great. I have nothing to show for that one."

But all that is kinda outside the point. This is about summer and the awesomeness that goes with it. But what do you need to make that awesomeness really pop? Top Ten. for me. right here, right now. Go!

1. sunglasses! (preferably some ray bans, right?)

2. awesome music (Beach Boys, ftwin!)
3. fun friends

4. goals
5. flip-flops (uh huh yay!)

6. good books

7. fun and spontaneous plans (I mean baseball games!)

8. good inspiration
9. awesome hobby to showcase your summer (photography & journaling)

10. good coffee

What are your make or break summer traditions?

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