Tuesday, May 12, 2015

19/52 (part one) - May 4th & 5th : Vacay time!

But it's still okay (hey!) 'cause I'm on vacation!!! (< this song is at the very top of my favorite rhett&links.)
Every time we go on vacation we have an official song and a secondary offical song. The first year (2012) we went to Kitty Hawk it was Smile On (Anthem) with a runner up of Imagine Dragon's On Top Of The World. The second year (2013) was Jump Right In (Zac Brown Band) & Melody (Kate Earl). This year it was Geronimo (Sheppard) and Vacation (Rhett & Link). Other favorites included (but were not limited to) Walk On The Ocean (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Forever Young (Alphaville), 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train), and Budapest (Heck, I don't know. Google it.) We really have a crazy collection of songs.  (:
So after a eleven and a half hour drive (yikes) we landed in Kitty Hawk (Outer Banks), North Carolina. It's beautiful (more on that later.) We arrived about six (we drove out of our subdivision around 4:05 AM), and kinda crashed on the beach. It was lovely.

So Tuesday we went miniature golfing. Which sounded a whole lot funner than it really was. Mostly it was hot. A small bit was fun. A very small bit.
 The first night we were there (Monday) my brother lost his glasses in the ocean. We kept hoping (praying) they would wash back up, but alas. So, he is still glassesless. (This is the brother who is legally blind in one eye. His other eye is fine, but it was still pretty lame to lose your much-needed glasses on the first day of your vacation.) He was a sport, though. He didn't complain at all.

 So then we climbed this little tower by the kite store (kites are their thing there.) The view was awesome.
 I got two fabulous shirts at the life is good store. They are quickly becoming my favorite.

Then we headed down to the beach for a long day of gorgeous. Fun thing to do: Let a wave hit you and then flop back and let it pull you up the sand. It gets pebbles down your back but it is so dang fun!!

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