Tuesday, June 2, 2015

22/52 (part one) - May 26th : pool party!

IT'S SUMMER, IT'S SUMMER!! IT'S FINALLY HEEEERE!!! Ack. Coming off a crazy week. Memorial day picnic, friends over (two younger girls), more friends (a family) over til ten for swimming and dinner, tuesday babysitting and then another friend (jess's friend, but we all love  her) over to watch West Side Story (ahhh all the feels) til 2:30 in the morning, then pool all day wednesday, then presents for my second youngest sister (happy birthday), then I was sick on Thursday, and we did the pinata, day off on Friday, complete with swimming & pizookies, more friends over on saturday (oldest sister's this time), and then pop-its (last birthday celebration) and prep for sunday lunch where we have...guess what? MORE FRIENDS! yay for all the friends. So then sunday we had a family over for lunch (with seven children -- still at home, one married and out of the house), and a friend of mine and her older brother. But guess what? Memorial day means FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!! Which means break out the beach boys and sunscreen, baby! There are adventures to be had here!!

Really love this last picture. I'm trying to actually take my camera out more with my family instead of letting it sit until the last five minutes and then having everybody scramble around and pretend to redo everything they just did so we have pictures. it's brilliant, I know. 

Any bad photography habits you're working on kicking? How are you going about it?

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