Thursday, June 25, 2015

25/52 (part two) - June 19th : Bubbles!

What is better than bubbles on a (terribly horribly throbbingly HOT) summer day? Bring on the memories, am I right??

Lately I've been really really discouraged about photography. And by lately, I mean like, since the new year. For a while there I felt so consistent, and I just kinda got into a rut. and I shot through that rut, and I feel like I can see the other side of it, now. These were the first pictures in a long time that I really liked. and I think a large part of that is due to the fact that I wasn't getting creative with my shots, but mostly that I was lazy. I didn't want to move around, I didn't want to try out different settings, I didn't want to have to reposition everyone so the sun wasn't in their eyes, etc, etc. Guys, lemme just fess up now: I have been a terrible photographer lately, because I've just let it slide. and also, let that be a lesson to you: Do not just let things slide. Do not say, "good enough" to photography. 'Cause I got news for ya...It's photography, so, no, it is NOT good enough.

You're welcome, and, good night. (:

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