Friday, June 12, 2015

fabulous friday : on books (part two)

Books {That made me cry. love. and see the world in a new light.}
(disclaimer: these are all literature, there have been other books that have effected me, that I am not including for various reasons, e.g. the bible,  the shining company, etc,  but that does not mean that they have not effected me.)
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To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
I read this last year in school. I started crying about when they get home.
The last chapter, when Scout is talking about walking in someone else's shoes, as Atticus has told her to do (let's all pause for a moment as we think about how wonderful Gregory Peck was as Atticus Finch. Yeah, baby.) She realizes all that's been done for them, and how little they've done in return and how it makes her feel. And then everything is suddenly in a new light...*dies (< not literally.)
Pictures Of Hollis Woods by Patrica Reilly Giff
I first read this years and years ago. I thought it was darling and sweet and I cried. Over the years I've pick it up several times and read it again. and I always think how darling and sweet it is. and I always cry.
What was so good about this book? Her character development is so good. She starts out a brat, but an obviously lost, scared brat, and it makes you sympathize with her. Giff's flow and the way she describes things is amazing to me. She doesn't describe what is happening, she describes little details here and there to give you hints of whats going on. If I could make my photos reflect this, it would be a beautiful day for me.

What Hearts by Bruce Brooks
This has so much. So, so much. In a book that has got to be less than 100 pages, there's so much of the human heart wrapped up here. So sweet. So sad. I hate to say this again, but I can't even sum it up. (dang, I'm not going into writing!) 
Series Of Unfortunate Events : The End & Book The Fourteenth by Lemony Snicket
I've only read the whole series once, I've read the last chapter (little pun there. the fourteenth book is called the Last Chapter. Smart, huh? ^-^), entitled The Last Chapter, twice. The last word. like, last last. I did not realize one word could have so much impact. and if I told you that word (a name, actually) it would mean nothing. But that word carries the whole book, makes you want to go reread the whole series, answers questions you didn't know you had, creates so many new questions that you don't know if you can even count them all, and makes you question life in and of itself. Well, more or less. It does make you question who's good and who's bad, at very least.

Also, the dedications are hilarious. If you never read the books, read the dedications. It's worth the while.

To be continued...

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