Friday, April 3, 2015

Fabulous Friday : Oh, What's In A Name?

So. My name. My blog name, that is.
Recently, I was reading Not Dressed As Lamb, and came across THIS POST. I still think of my blog as a start-up, but I just hit over 13 weeks of blogging, so maybe it's time for me to actually pay some attention to that there horribly ugly banner. Or the not-so-self-explanitory-name. In other words, why yellow bliss? (side note: doesn't it look good in italics? I mean, yes. But then again, most things do.)

Honestly, that's a hard question to answer. Why? Because there isn't really an answer...But lemme 'splain (as Inigo Montoya would say.)

So, for a long time, I've loved the color yellow. I didn't wear yellow that often, because I never thought it matched my skin tone well, but I've come to poo-poo that and I wear it loud and proud. *coughcough maybe not...* But I love it. I love our upstairs bathroom and how bright it is. I love the wall next to the kitchen and how lively that is. I dream of the day that our kitchen is painted -- you guessed it -- yellow. (like, no really. it's in process.) I just like YELLOW. I'm not talking garish, but a tasteful, warm color. Reminds me of the sun. Or a Coldplay song...

On and off I've had blogs and on and off I wonder about my perfect blog name. I'm maybe slightly convinced that it isn't out there. So I'm opting for contentment. Wonderful thing, isn't it? But before I had this blog, I let that name stop me. (NOTE TO OTHERS: learn from my mistakes!!! Do NOT let a blog name stop you!! A blog name can change, but you will lose years of blogging! Don't worry about it. Maybe name it your name with "photography" after it. and chill with that.)

...So here I am, wondering. and I was talking to some friends out in California (suggestions included, but were not limited to, Lottie's Lights, but I couldn't justify it. It just seemed, well, not me. I kinda liked it, though. ;) These friends.  Right here. Her photos are lovely, aren't they? If only she didn't canon.

Canon. I think I might coin that phrase. "Oh, I'd like her, but she canons." Sounds much, much better than a Nikoner. ;)

I'm a little off-track. SO! I like yellow. love it, kinda, in fact. And one day Yellow Paradise popped into my head (so so much coldplay, am I right??). At the time I really liked it. A lot. But "paradise" was not a word that I really liked, so, I started brainstorming for a substitute.

And, behold, Yellow Bliss. It just...came to me. Some call it inspiration. Some call it a sign. I call it...I don't know...a horse?

I've doodled quiet a few little "YB" logos, and honestly, it's a fun name, if nothing else. Also, I'm thinking about doing a yelloWBliss because WB is WHITE BALANCE (I think that might have been my subconscious. jk)

So back at ya. Thoughts on blog names? Why did you give your blog the name it got?


  1. You have such a great blog name! Thanks for sharing the story behind it... I like bliss much better than paradise as well :) I'm glad you started blogging, I love reading your posts and seeing your photos. I just hit 10 years with my blog, which is crazy. I love my blog's name too, even more now than I did when I started (I write about the reason behind it in my "about me" if you're curious), it's been a good name to grow with, if a little bit of a mouthful... and I hope that you have many bliss-filled years growing with your blog as well!

    1. Oh, I love your blog name!! It's so you (well, what I know about you through your blog... :))! I feel like so often I come across other blog names, and am like, dang, why did I think of that? It's perfect!! Rats! and now it's taken (plus it's not my idea, so it would be totally like stealing it from this other blogger.) xD Siigh. So I guess it's about being content with the blog name I have (which I can only change if inspiration hits), and not sweat it. Even if it really means nothing. xD

    2. *always change not only change. oops!