Friday, February 27, 2015

Fabulous Fridays : Inspiration (part one)

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about where I got my inspiration from in the blog world. Read about those HERE.

But I have plenty of resources of inspiration OUTSIDE of the blogging universe (there's a better word for that...what is it?). There's actually a long list. So I split it into three parts. Actually, I split it into three parts so that you'd come back next week (right? *hopeful face :D).
1. Books
Crazy time, yes. I'm a huge, huge fan of books. At the end of last year, I gathered all of my favorite books from the year and took a picture. I highly suggest Every. Single. one of the these books. When You Reach Me, View From Saturday, To Kill A Mocking Bird, A Year Down Yonder & A Long Way From Chicago, and Out Of The Dust. Oh, and Tom Sawyer. Those were my favorites. Okay, that's basically all of them. Forget I said anything.
2. Nature
Nothing like the great outdoors, huh? Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring - I love it all! There is nothing like a good hike, warm sunshine, crunchy leaves, moonlight, silent woods -- what ever it is, I love getting outside.
 3. The Ocean
My dream is to live on the beach. For forever. Because, seriously, I miss it so much. I'll never, ever forget the smell of the ocean, the taste of salty air, and sand in my hair. Omgosh, take. me. home.
4. Music
Make that music & a good book (did I mention I liked Enya and A View From Saturday? E.L. Konigsburg is one of my favorites!! I love My Father's Daughter!). And maybe a good cup of tea. and Lighting. Lighting is key. But come back next week to hear more on that...
Have an AWESOME Friday!!

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