Friday, June 26, 2015

Fabulous Friday : 25 Things {you didn't know about me}

25 Things {You Didn't Know About This Here Blogger}
Because, who doesn't want to know more about this face behind the blog better? (gosh, that was corny. I promise you I did not step out of Phantom Of The Opera. Promise.)

Favorite Color? I'm a sucker for yellow!

Favorite Food? STIR FRY! also, I love fried rice & burritos. ice cream is good, too, though! (top it all off with Dave's insanity and you've got a meal. ;))

Favorite Animal? Dolphins. I love dolphins.

Favorite Day of the Week? *coughcough yeah, that. Fridays & Sundays.

Piece Of Clothing? I *love* my basic white shirt. Also, I have a long-sleeved darling whom I'm obsessed with. Scarves are a must for me, too.

Favorite Activity? Browsing Pinterest...Camping...Road Trips...Reading...Taking photos...Shopping...

Favorite Subject in School? Literature. Like, is that even a question? Literature, by far and away!

Favorite Sport? BASEBALL, baby! (Go Red Sox!! Also Reds. I love the Cincinnati Reds, too! Joey Votto is amazing!!)

If I won a lot of money, what would I do first? Buy a new camera. And then visit San Fransisco & Santa Cruz.

When do I like to get up in the morning? 8:30 is ideal. 9:30 is more like normal.

Go to bed? 10:30 to 11:00. Usually it ends up more like 12:00 - 1:30, though. :P

Favorite game to play? Charades & Clue.

Book? I just can't choose one. More on that here, here, and here.

Movie? Princess Bride! No, BBC's Pride & Prejudice...Or maybe Charade. Casablanca. It's A Wonderful Life...?

I just don't know!!!

Closest Friend? I have a darling friend, I'll call her Audrey (Hepburn played a character with her name), who lives in Northern Kentucky. I don't get up to see her as often as I'd like. I've also kept in touch with a friend in CA (Lizzy.) Also a couple close friends from church, who are the absolute best. (:

If I had one wish, what would it be? That I were back at the beach, with everyone I loved close. and also a better camera. Maybe with a beach library. yeah. that sounds good.

What do I like most about myself? Umm, appearance-wise, I have this one freckle above my eye that I totally dig, personality-wise, I like my extroversion. (Is it just me or is it just plain AWKWARD to talk about things you like about yourself? xD)

Favorite Candy? Dark chocolate. (It makes me sneeze. :P)

Super power I would like to have? Flying, probably.

Favorite breakfast food? Bagels and Orange Juice!!

Favorite Holiday? I love Christmas & Thanksgiving. Christmas best, because of family time & music, and shopping & Christmas treats, oh my!

Song? Right now, I love Superheros (by Script), Pompeii (by Bastille), Ghost Story & After The Rain Has Fallen (by Sting.) Also, Different Colors by Walk The Moon, The Nights by Avicii and Young Hearts by Strange Talks. Also, the Beach Boys Sounds Of Summer album is an all-time favorite. Read about my music HERE.

Favorite way to travel? Driving! Though I do love riding on planes & trains.

Favorite Toy? Childhood-wise, I had a doll I slept with...Star Dolly. In my mature years (*coughcough), my camera.

Something Random : Six artists I grew up on...Sting, Paul Simon, Phantom Of The Opera [original london cast], Beach Boys, Fernando Ortega, and Mark Heard.

Now it's your turn! Go answer the questions and leave me a comment so I can visit you at your place!!

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