Tuesday, May 31, 2016

week twenty-one : it's ourselves we find at the sea

we've made it. we're half-way through the year. Does that scare anyone a little bit? I still don't have that summer job I was so sure I would get (I never wrote about it. I was so sure I was too nervous.)

But I do want to tell you that my baseball team (the boston red sox) are doing very, very well. and hey, I'm not complaining about the Warrior's winning, either.

Oh, and happy memorial day! We went to our church's picnic. It was surprisingly nice weather, and then we swam when we came home and water was even lovelier. But my favorite part is always breaking out the beach boys CD to kick-start summer. Because that's how I roll!

and guys I get nasty headaches and it might be dehydration so I'm drinking a lot of water.

Oh! and I thought of something I realized a few weeks ago and it's this simple, it kinda hit me in the face: I'm not awkward, I'm just uncomfortable. a lot. but not ALWAYS and that's how I know I'm not awkward. I just find myself in awkward/uncomfortable situations where I am *ahem* uncomfortable.

but awkward? nope. I'm not identifying with that one.

I just finished washing dishes. I kinda quit because I burned my hand on my sister's beacon pan. I have never had a burn this bad (at least not since I poured hot water down my shirt when I was like eight.) They're turning into burning horrible blisters... I'm typing with one hand.

Here are the last of the vacation pictures... Now it's time to put my video-editing skills to work... and I'm going to need a lot of them. I have a world-class case of camera shake... It was definitely the camera (I SWEAR I don't shake that much in real life!)

But whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
It's ourselves we find at the sea


  1. I love the second to last photo!! :)

  2. i loved this post, the photos are great but it was actually just the way you sound SO HAPPY (until the part where you burned your hand) just put a smile on my face :) can't wait to see your video!