Tuesday, May 10, 2016

week eighteen // ice cream parlor

Wow. long, long week. We're home, now, though...

and I'll break the sad news fast: our little robin friend did not make it. 

We don't know what happened... snake? rat? a hawk? do hawks eat eggs? The nest is still very well intact, but the eggs are just gone. (and we looked up the stats on when birds leave the nest... it's more than a week.)
moving on to other things, last year I did a bad, bad, horrible job of editing photos... I'll just fess up now: I still have not finished editing all the photos from last vacation... and the final count was under three hundred, no joke. I edited every other single photo I took last year, except for vacation shots.

Two things:

#1) you take about a billion photos (by conservative estimation) on your vacations while note: you have endless time, with none of the regular responsibilities of life.

#2) Now we get home and we are worn out, drained, excited, but functioning on adrenaline, and not only overwhelmed by the billion photos, also now to get back to the daily grind, like... keeping up with those blog posts

and that's what killed me last year. blogging was great for the rest of the year... It saved me, kept me working when I didn't want to edit, didn't want to start, and then stabbed me in the back while I wasn't looking.

Thanks blogger.

but now, two things I'm doing to help?

#1) I'm editing everything before I pick my camera up again... (besides those dried flower pictures I promised) and the next few weeks of blog posts? well, guys, let's relive my vacation! you'll love it.

#2) not only did I take quite a bit of video on our trip (I'm going to try my hand at some video editing software this summer. wish me luck,) I also kept it simple, and I'm taking it light. I take one day at a time and it's totally manageable.

and one pro tip: try your very best to not look through all your pictures ten times over, even if you have a eleven hour drive home (ha! who has that, am I right?) It takes all the fun out of reliving your trip and you don't get to edit while they're still, well, fresh! 

So we stopped at a place for lunch and I don't know what they were cooking but man alive they made the best gosh darn blueberry ice cream for a good fifty miles around (please excuse the fact that there were only houses and a car place or two within a two hundred mile radius *cough) I will admit, I'm a little bit biased when it comes to blueberry ice cream... I had a slight break in there where I loved Blue Bell's Happy Tracks and then once when I had a little fad about cookies and cream (still supreme) but thank heaven for blueberry.

I love this one, right here, so much. it's such a classic long-car-ride-my-hair-is-a-mess ponytail. life is life, ya know?


  1. Lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. So sweet! You got a cute family, girl. ;D (And a knack for taking photos of people too!!)

  3. Now you've got me craving ice cream... ;) ;) Great photos! I look forward to seeing the photos (and video!) from your trip! Where did you go on vacation?

  4. great shots! Sorry about the robin babies :( it's just life i guess.

    Your little sister is toooo cute, and i love her dress! sounds like you had a lovely time away :)