Tuesday, May 17, 2016

week nineteen // lazy sunday

 Our second day of vacation (first full beach day,) Sunday, was extremely low-key. After church (an experience I won't go into) we hung out til lunch (doing a hot air balloon puzzle that was missing six pieces) and then took a walk down to the beach.
They had a bowl of shells and you leave a note or a picture or the date. (the one pictured is not ours.) It was one of those things that makes it feel so perfect. You get to leave a tiny piece of yourself there, for the next person to enjoy. to remember you by. and you get a different piece of the adventure of the ocean, a different perspective, a new idea.

We didn't walk on the pier, but we walked down to it (it was about a quarter mile) and the first day the tide had brought in just buckets of shells and I found two pieces of green sea glass. and guys, there is nothing like sea glass.

you feel?


  1. what's sea glass? i probably sound so uneducated but i've never seen any?

    doing jigsaw puzzles is one of my favourite things! is that person wearing pj bottoms with puzzle pieces on? if so, perfect! hehe.

    loving these holiday snaps!

    1. Sea glass is just glass that has been banged up against rocks until it's smooth. Probably beer bottles, to be honest! xD

      haha, they do look like puzzle pieces - they're actually polar bears. They used to have little red bow ties but they faded.

    2. Ooh okay, i'll have to google this! haha!

      oh man now i can totally see that they're polar bears >.<