Friday, June 3, 2016

fabulous friday . just like the tide, let it roll on by

I was going to be done with posting vacation pictures because I realized I had done a huge overload and that no one was really that interested in my (lousy, let's just say it.) vacation shots... but, well, then... well, then I actually finished editing these pictures from the last night on the beach and there's something so magical about them, I found it hard to resist. 

and these? these are actually shots of the ocean, and who doesn't love a beautiful shot of the waves lapping the shore?

and now I have finished editing this SIX-year-old's pictures of the year and can order them for her scrapbook. Happy birthday, darling!!


  1. HI Lottie,

    Great photos from the beach! I bet the waves were very calming. And yes, I do enjoy vacation photos!

    Where is this beach? Looks like the six-year-old is having fun in the sand! :)

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. Oh man, and you have some great vacation shots!! We were in the Outer Banks, in North Carolina. It's got a really fun small-town vibe and it's the closest to the west coast we can get haha! It's a ton of fun, in it's own right, though!!