Friday, May 6, 2016

fabulous friday // art journal

I talk big about my art journal a lot, but when it comes to posting actual pictures of it, well, I'm less than ideal.

I saw this idea years ago on A Beautiful Mess and totally loved it. In a way, that's what first fueled my desire for an art journal.

After pinning picture after picture onto my pinterest board, I noticed a few that really stood out to me that I felt like were doable (see below:)

THIS was the next step toward really falling in love with the triangle collage.

and then THIS and oh, my, heavens, THIS THIS THIS.

and after playing around all morning (I have a lot of trouble starting on things...) I came up with something that I loved. (Which is rare when I don't plan. Since I'm not good at planning or improv, but I usually go with the latter and kick myself later for it.)

One thing I did that I highly suggest is to draw out squares on the paper (I measured mine and could fit six 2 1/2 inch squares on each page, I think) and then draw a loose line down the center of each square. Then I cut the some triangles and sometimes a square or two and started gluing in. If you look close enough (by which I mean get within ten feet of it) you can definitely tell the triangles aren't perfect, The green one is kinda like crape paper and the glue bled through and the gray square at the top obviously has the corner chopped off (it was the side of the picture below it.) but hey, life's not perfect, and I love their imperfection. Kinda makes it art, ya know?

How are you staying on top of fun yet contained (or usable!) art projects?

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  1. i love this!! such a fab idea and it looks so fun, bright and colourful and just YOU! love love love it! i might have a go at my own! thanks for sharing :D