Friday, May 27, 2016

fabulous friday . sea glass

I finally have almost finished with vacation photos. *pauses while I get a cup of tea, glace at the clock and notice it's 13 minutes to 11. think about tomorrow... keep writing.*

Sometimes I'm just in the zone and sometimes I'm just not. When I'm in, I'm all in. I get stuff done when I'm in. I have a schedule in my head and I get my checklist of things DONE. done well, done right. 

But as soon as I'm out of the zone, I'm out. like, out-out. and quite honestly mostly it's just a mystery of how to get back in?

I saw something the other day: "My life is just like Rihanna's new song. Work, work, work and the rest of it, I don't really understand." 

I can't stop laughing about it.
So. This sea glass stuff. 

To be quite honest, well, let me start with a story...

once a upon a time...

we walked down to the pier one day. (we did not walk on the pier because you had to pay money and no one brought any with them. it's a beach for pete's sake.) the tide was in and bringing in buckets of shells. They were beautiful. I wish I had payed more attention to them, but I didn't because I thought it was just common stuff, we'd come back tomorrow when I wasn't soaked. Well, turns out the storm had brought these beauties in so we had our pickings (along with a lady named Amy and her husband, daughter and son. I know because that's what her husband called her.) one day only. well, along washes this piece of green something and I'm like, oh, it's a beer bottle (it's kinda that same color) but when I pick it up (go green) it's soft on the edges and I'm like, this is actually pretty. and amy goes, oh, that's beautiful! what a find! and I said, I thought it was a beer bottle. and she goes, it's sea glass. it probably was a beer bottle once, but the ocean has worn it down.

So I came across my first piece of sea glass and a friend.

her name was amy.

and I have a question for you: if you saw some kind of compilation of shells like these sealed to card stock... would you frame it and put it on your wall?

and guys being good for the environment is good, but when it comes to sea glass - please, for the next generation, throw your bottles (washed and dried carefully is preferable) into the sea.


  1. yay, now i properly know about sea glass!

    i would definitely hang something like that on my wall, why, are you thinking of making some? my mum made a picture with watercolour in the background and then only stones she'd found on their trip to the beach. the perfect keepsake.

    do you have to break the bottle?

    1. So here were my thoughts: what if I glued some onto a heavy paper and then put it on etsy... would people be interested? like, I know I love it, but then, I was part of the story, ya know? like those are MY shells, from MY beach, that I collected. I don't know if I would want to buy someone else's, though. I guess the real way to test that is to, well, put it up on etsy!

      I love love the idea of watercoloring the background!! That sounds like the perfect idea!! I just think I might try that!

      I don't know if you have to break the bottle. Probably not, because the ocean can break it up, but I was kind of wondering about that myself. and idk, it might still be bad for the environment still, but it's good for our souls, so... haha!