Tuesday, May 3, 2016

week seventeen // dusk

We have a robin's nest in the hedges around the driveway. the mother flies away every time someone shuts the driver's door, so that's our go-ahead to get to peak inside the nest. (oh man is it just me or is the word "peak" or horribly cliched and stilted word. *gags) and there are the most beautiful eggs inside. talk about robin's egg blue! I'm afraid they'll hatch while we're on our trip, but then, maybe that's a good thing because then the mother can have a little peace and quiet for a week while we're gone. I can't wait, though, because they are the most precious thing!!

It's been pretty humid around here so I've been avoiding outside like nobody's business, but after the sun goes down the weather's been pretty pleasant. After cleaning out the car (like deep cleaning. Our van has never been so lovely.) all afternoon, I took a shower and headed back outside to take a few pictures of this cutie who will always have her own sense of style... but this dress. this dress, man, is a real winner. I love all the little details and how delicate it is. If it were it my size, I would definitely wear it!

If I had a clothes line of little kid's clothes in big person size, would you buy?


  1. Robin's Egg blue used to be my favorite crayon color when I was in elementary school; not sure why that memory sticks out to me so much. But I've never actually seen an actual Robin's egg. They're beautiful!

    And there have definitely been times I've seen children's clothes and wish they made them for adults. Mostly pajamas, haha.


  2. those eggs!! <3 it's so hard to believe they're not man-made, that colour is so rich! beautiful! Robins are my faves, of course ;) the photograph is perfection, i love it off-centre and the depth of field is just (Y)

    i have always said they need to make kids clothes in adults sizes too, some of them are so nice!!