Tuesday, May 24, 2016

week twenty . lighthouse light

in 2012, the first year we road tripped up (from south carolina) to kitty hawk, we stopped at Currituck lighthouse. and guys, it was cool. like really cool. surprisingly cool for being, a, um, lighthouse.

This year we climbed Cape Hatteras. It's the tallest brick lighthouse in the US. Pretty rad, right?

It was quite a climb!

Here I am: wearing my favorite joggers and Life is Good T. because that's what you wear on a road trip!

What's your favorite outfit for those days you need to be comfy (aka, road trips)?


  1. oh wow this looks so cool!! LOVE the checked floor! great shots, esecially love the one looking down the middle of the stairs and the one third from last, of the floors. nice abstract shot :)

    oh and mine's gotta be cotton shorts with some sort of loungey, probably novelty tee (like, harry potter.. or some sort of quote)

  2. That inside staircase is insanely beautiful (and I bet it's quite the workout getting to the top). I love lighthouses but I rarely get to explore them (I just creepily stare at them from a distance, usually driving past them). The view looks incredible!