Friday, May 13, 2016

fabulous friday // pressing flowers

So a few weeks ago I decided to go a little bit wild with my art journal and try pressing flowers. I had had to press some leaves for a science project (like I had to identify all of that blah blah) and it got me interested in pressing some flowers. like, hey man, I got this.

Note, guys: they leak so bad. I honestly do not remember them being so... fresh

I guess you just kinda never know which way it will go. These guys, though, bleed. big time.

Don't look at Robert Frost's nothing gold can stay. 
No, I'm kidding.

It felt like so many flowers, but when I started to tape them in (is that tacky?) I was like, gee, I should have done a few more. oops.

For more info, check these guys out...

(guys, I know the white balance looks way funky and weird. The last pictures were taken on an overcast day and it made it look all green. I should fix it, but this post is already late and I've already cried too many times today.)
I didn't want the flowers to be on the last page, but I also didn't want to have to write/draw over them when I flipped the page. So I waited until I had finished drawing on the pages and then added the flowers after. 
Also, if anyone was wondering, the page is from Lemony Snicket's book "Series of Unfortunate Events: Slippery Slope." My friend cut it up and put an invitation inside so I used a page she hadn't hot clued to the rest. So, my excuse is that, yes, I tore up a book, but I wasn't the first one to do it and at least this way some of the book gets to be looked at instead of none.
Ever tried drying flowers (or anything else?)


    I haven't done anything like this in years- my mom used to do it with us :') totally inspired to do it again now!!!!!

  2. i have wanted to try this again for so long, last time was a complete fail!

    they look beautiful, thanks for sharing ^_^