Tuesday, February 23, 2016

week seven // there's a patch of old snow in the corner...

I had a wonderful, wonderful week. It finally warmed up, and I'm passed my winter rut... and you know something I realized? I get discouraged & worn out every year. for a few weeks every january and february I feel like extremely uninspired and exhausted. and I pushed though it this year (harder than last year) and this past week I finally saw it pay off... It got a lot warmer, snow melted, I got both my paper and my test finished and by friday too (no school for this girl on saturday!!) and it made me so happy about life.

and you know that feeling about finding out about something that just leaves you with nothing but dread in the bit of your stomach? feeling so crushed and having it totally consuming your mind, and for a little while, your life?

Well, yeah. so my week came crashing down in an afternoon... and then ya know what happened?

My friend showed up at church to bring me birthday present and it made me so happy. (also I got to meet her boyfriend which was great!) and it totally offset the crushing, hopeless, horror I had felt all day. Thanks, babe!

So, guys. Be a good friend. Say something nice to someone today... especially if they look like they've been crying all day!
day one : I have no words for this picture.
day two : playing old maid... with lowly worm cards, I believe. Interesting.
 day three : note the flip-flops. She said, "it's okay!" and ran outside. She has spunk and she's not afraid to show it.
day four : "...the news of a day I'd forgotten -- if I'd ever read it."

day five : the weather had definitely warmed up, but still extremely windy so we headed outside to fly a kite... watch for those pictures because they're coming you way! please also note: in the picture above both the purple sweater and the pink plaid I wore when I was their respective ages. I like them better now than I did then!

What's something that made you feel hopeful this week?

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  1. i'm so happy you're feeling happier!! sorry to hear you've had horrible news though, it's strange because we've had awful news too, the kind that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. it's been tough to process it and is affecting our day-to-day lives.

    i love day three and literally every photo of day five!! your photography is getting better all the time (i already loved it but man, these are great!)

    i love seeing your photos :)