Friday, February 19, 2016

fabulous friday // what I'm up to

This week I was challenged to pick three words that define my photography style and think about them whenever I picked up my camera.

So far I have one. ONE. (thanks brain.)

My solution? I'm going to make a huge, huge list (like 50 words) of nice words that I like that could describe my photography style and then write them all down...

and then I simply narrow it down to three! tah-dah!
Reading : Moves Make the Man by Bruce Brooks (so good!) and Lord Peter Wimsey short stories by Dorthy L Sayers (also so good!)

Watching : hmm, last movie I watched was Paradine Case, but that was like a month ago... I watched an episode of chopped and that was fun... hmm, the other thing is THIS is one of the most exciting things that ever kickstarted. you feel?

also, you should definitely watch that video, because it will make you so happy! (especially mary kate wiles fans... ;))

Listening : Ah, come back next week for my winter playlist. It'll be tons of fun and lots of never-before heard songs.

okay, jk about that last part.

Wearing : oh, heavens, it is definitely time for a fashion post... mm, but anyway. Un-Fancy is back, so what does it matter what *I'm wearing??

Looking Forward To : Well, heavens, lots of things. Like, summer... getting really rich so I can buy a new camera, the weekend when I've finished my science test and experiment

Pinning: lots of art stuff... another post that should be coming in the next few weeks (watch for it)

Loving : oh, guys, if you just lie down and watch the little words appear on the screen it's seriously a ton of fun and makes me feel like I'm using a type-writer...

hmm, that was weird.

What I mean is, I love the sound of a key-board.


  1. i do the same, i watch the words appear as i'm typing and imagine i'm using a typewriter :)

    looking forward to your art pinning post! love your selfie!!

    and i would so enjoy seeing some outfit posts!

    1. We'll see how many weeks it actually takes me (ha!) I'm a little bit of a slacker. I'm impressed that I've managed to keep up with weekly posting + fabulous friday, so it's no small thing for me to go through with something! haha!

      But do watch for it, because within the next year I'll pump something out!