Tuesday, February 2, 2016

week four // Is it spring yet?

We had some beautiful weather at the end of the week and it got me all nostalgic and excited for spring. and then I would snap back into reality to remember that we still have months to go. ah, life.

But during those nostalgic moments I started to put together a (totally awesome) playlist for 2015. I was thinking I would work my way through the months on spotify so I started making a rough draft breaking down song lists into months... That process has taken me all over: from rooting through old piles of papers and flipping through notebooks, to reading through old posts on here trying to figure out just which month a song should belong to. There's a lot I'd forgotten about the year.

and while it's been tons of fun and I cannot wait to sit down and listen to the old playlist through and relive my year just one more time, I think I'll start early this year and just make one master lists of songs I love + what they remind me of. I'm also breaking down songs I listen to into seasons so I just add songs to "Winter 2016" right now and then just "hit play" when I'm feeling bored...

Okay, I'm done talking about music. let's get down to the week...
Monday // looking out

Tuesday // The light is beautiful by the time she falls asleep every afternoon and I took advantage of that. (note the water bottle on the floor. It's her prized possession.)

Wednesday // talk about beautiful light... I mean, I can't even.
Thursday // anxiously awaiting that last follower to tip me over to 900... Spoiler: I didn't get it. Not til the friday... then I got five. ah, life. A watched pot never boils, as the saying goes. (is that how the saying goes?? It's something like that.)

Friday // the start of an unbelievably warm weekend. We always get one or two of these totally crazy-warm days in January and February, but heck we were almost in the seventies! 

and it was wonderful.

How do you organize your music + playlists?


  1. these are my favourite photos of yours yet, i think! ♡♡♡♡
    your weather looks beautiful! wish it was so warm here, what is 70 in degrees centigrade? anyway, i bet we've been around 4 degrees c*!

    i don't organise my music at all right now but i need to start! just no idea where to begin!

    1. aw, thank you!! I was surprised at this week, I didn't really think I had keepers, but then I uploaded them and they were surprisingly nice!

      Okay, so I googled the conversion and it's about 20-21 degrees Celsius. That sounds totally cold to me, since freezing is 32 degrees. I guess it's all in perspective!! xD