Tuesday, February 9, 2016

week five // last minute panic

Oh, my. I'm late again. as always.
Calvin understands me so well, it's amazing. This is so me all over, over and over and over, it's just perfect. Talk about understanding the soul! ha.
 day one : we live on music. the louder, the better.
 day two : I love sharp branches. I just do.
 day three : school is a lot more enjoyable with someone else and a cup of tea.
 day four : my younger brother's first webkinz which he got in 2009 (or maybe 2010?) We had such a good time on there...
day five : We have some great light from the kitchen window and it makes me so so happy... Also, her eye lashes are so amazing they make me happy. and slightly envious, haha!


  1. gorgeous photos again!! :) i have way too many "branch photos" but i can't help it, i just love the way they look!! also, that comic strip is totally me too! your sister is beautiful :) school is definitely better with a cup of tea!! ;) we're starting home-school next week. i'm super excited and super nervous!!

    how are you? :)

    robyn xx

    1. NEXT WEEK! How exciting!! I'll be praying!

      hmm, still cold here, so slightly uninspired, but overall, pretty darn good! (:

  2. Haha, calvin and Hobbes are awesome! glad to see you off to such a good start with your 365. How does it feel to take a photo everyday? Are you inspired or does it feel like work? I miss having a regular project to work on, maybe I'll start something up soon.

    1. I LOVE it. I give myself a lot of slack (like I don't do weekends) and if I miss a day it's no big and it's made it so much more enjoyable than last time I did it (in 2014.) I feel a ton more inspired in photography overall and highly encourage it. If you're not motivated by pressure (and I'm not) then I definitely recommend taking the weekends off. It gives me a restart every week -- but if I'm feeling especially inspired I can go ahead with the weekend.

      anyway, whatever you decide on: good luck! I'm excited to see the results!