Friday, January 30, 2015

Fabulous Fridays : Get Out Of That Winter Rut!

Seriously, I keep gazing wistfully at pinterest photos and wishing it were summer. Or at least spring. I'm just hating this dark by 5 o'clock thing. do you realize how hard natural light is to find in winter? Do you know how many headaches I get from the glare of all this fake lighting going on (shut up, I'm not getting off the computer just yet)? And honestly, it really doesn't matter how much I get done I almost always feel like the day has been wasted when it gets dark. Dark signifies the end of the day to me, even when I still have hours and hours left! I get get a ton done, but as soon as dark hits, I forget that I've done anything productive and feel like it's been a wasted day. So, I'm going to try to cheer myself up. Join me for the ride! (and please tell me your tips in the comments below!!)

First, a picture break, to get this jazz rolling:
Now, for my technique.
  • Do something after it gets dark
For me, this usually means making something. Some sort of craft. A gift for someone, or a poster for my wall, or whatever. But something creative, so I don't feel like it's a useless day.
  • Look back on your day (make it a good one!)
I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason that YOU decide if it's a good day or not. So look back on your day and think positively! It doesn't have to be a bad day. Make it a good one!
  • Limit computer and reading time
I know, I know, most people don't limit reading time, but for me, reading is for pleasure. So even if I'm reading history when it gets dark, I still feel like I've been lying around all day (usually I don't have history until five, so if I do I probably HAVE been lying around all day, but still...Make it a good day!) When I'm on the computer when it gets dark then I feel like I've been wasting my time on the computer (even if I've been productive, even if I've only been on for five minutes). Set a timer and stick to it!
  • Do something active right before it gets dark
Usually for me this means taking a walk. But getting outside is the key. Then, when you come inside it feels cozy instead of, well, dark.
  • Edit some of those old photos to get you inspired
For me this is big. Whenever I get to editing my photos, I remember so many memories and love looking at all the things we've done and looking forward to all the things we will do. (Not to mention the pictures I'll take!)
  • Do something to make you feel productive. Take that science test (uh huh, in a sec...) Write back to that sweet friend who just wrote you a letter (you know who you are!)
Catch up on some old school work. Write a letter. GET CREATIVE. I feel like all my creativity turns off as soon as it gets dark, but if I follow the tip below, I can go far. (I believe!)
  • Listen to more music
Background music, though. My tendency is to start it playing and add a song here and then a song there, and just sit and stare at the computer until I get bored and go to look for a rhett and link to watch or studio c or shipwrecked...DON'T DO THAT, LOTTIE!!! Start a playlist and then GET OFF. Do something. A craft. Spend some time with people (play a game - unless it's that dreadful game monopoly or bananagrams...) Fun doesn't have to be a waste of time!

and to get rid of your photography rut... 4 Tips To Kick That Winter Rut (yay for click it up a notch!!)

I'm really liking almost abstract photography. This is my younger sister's window, looking up to it from our front porch.

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  1. Thanks for commenting back on my blog! I love your abstract photo! The lines are so cool (and I'm a sucker for graphic black and white). Nicely done!