Tuesday, September 1, 2015

35/52 (part one) - August 26th : muffins.

As I mentioned a few posts back (one of those ramble-y ones that went on and on and you thought would never stop. Thank you to those beautiful readers who read it all the way through. You have more stamina than I do.) I wrote about how I was making breakfasts & how hard that was. Well, I made muffins the other day (I woke up to late so I made them in the morning for the next day, oh well.) Except they weren't muffins, they were mini pancake muffins. Like, muffins made with pancake batter! What a wonderful idea, lottie. You must be some kind of MENSA genius or something. Well, thank you, thank you. As a matter of fact, I am not (and never will be) a mensa genius, even though I look it.

But, credit where credit is due...

It's Pioneer Women's recipe.

(Ha! You say, I knew it! It seemed too smart for you!)

(Aw, shut up. Let me dream.)
and just for kicks, here's a picture of my two year old sister. She's growing up so fast. (':

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